features still missing from mastodon: the "solidarity, comrade" button for when someone posts something deeply personal/emotional and you want to show support without the weird implication of "hell yeah your inner pain is my favorite"

@estragon I kind of disagree. I think Facebook went downhill starting when they added non-positive reactmoji. Since negative reactions are still reactions, it encouraged negativity since tragedy is easier than comedy.

@estragon FB reacts coming to an AP server near you

(that was one of the major reasons they were introduced)

@estragon @pho4cexa In fairness different instances can customize the fav button (the one I'm on has it as a 🍺)

@estragon Yes, the like button paradox. @viTekiM had a good idea: don't just fav something, but leave a reply, even if just an emoji

@estragon frankly discord/slack style "react using any emoji, or click on someone else's emoji to +1 it"

@estragon Every social media platform needs something like this.

@estragon Yeah, we need a raised fist icon between fave and boost

@estragon I believe that the button you're looking for is that curved arrow which, when you mouse over it, says, "Reply."

@estragon someone suggested to use the black heart emoji for that purpose 🖤

@pinkprius @estragon yeah that's what me and my friends have been using, it's a sort of goth (the world is fucked and cruel) punk (love ourselves and each other when said world shits on us) and anarchist (solidarity comrade) kind of heart.


@estragon is that not the star thing? Have I been doing it wrong?

@estragon One reason I was so against loves/hearts. maybe an option to star/fav or 👐/hug?

@estragon fwiw #misskey has facebook-like emotion reaction thingies, something like that can actually be useful in a situation like this

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