power came back on and headache pills kicked in, yay

good night everyone

on the plus side the rain masks my tinnitus nicely so not having a fan on isn't a problem like it ordinarily would be

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4am, power outage, tension headache: great conditions for intrusive thoughts

hopefully this nighttime aspirin knocks me out before my phone battery dies because i'm not excited to be alone in the dark right now

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hey Daniel Murphy maybe stop being a homophobic piece of shit. we are Major League Baseball.

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yeah so theres a guy named solid snake and there are 6 other people who look like him, including the president of the united states who solid snake at no point questions why he looks exactly like him. also theres a guy whose name is revolver ocelot who is a 16 times over undercover agent who constantly breaks his allegiances for big boss, who looks and acts exactly like solid snake but he is not solid snake. oh you're leaving sorry

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web pages that spawn a "please subscribe" banner when your mouse leaves the window are the worst "innovation" since pop-ups

i *was* just going to switch to a different tab, recipe site, but now i'm leaving and blacklisting your garbage ad trap

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Wife: I wanna see the movie Crazy Rich Asians
Me: I wanna see the movie Sorry To Bother You
Daughter: I wanna see the movie Frozen

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Anyone who knows anything about trans mtf voice training please give me suggestions for guide videos and exercises. I want to train my voice now that I have time, but have no idea how to get started.

If you can't help directly, please boost so that someone else can.

weird how all the hornyposting doesn't even raise an eyebrow for me, but animated avatars on social media feel so transgressive that i literally gasped at one just now

features still missing from mastodon: the "solidarity, comrade" button for when someone posts something deeply personal/emotional and you want to show support without the weird implication of "hell yeah your inner pain is my favorite"

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Sat up in bed this morning, biting my lip, feeling brightly bisexual.

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it would be nice to be able to boost with a cw if its Good Content but perhaps inconsiderately unlabled

i love how federation makes the propagation wave of a meme so much more visible and tangible

“I'm reading vape ape aftershocks at a strength of 1 tpm (toot per minute), sir!"

"...Issue the evacuation order, and may god help us all."

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Me: what if tonight's meme is we all be nice to each other and try to get a good night's sleep?

*everyone starts gyrating*

Me, sighing: fine, we can be horny AGAIN

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spent ~3 hours getting the universal remote to work with kodi on debian

my decision to verify that it worked by opening netflix and watching a joy of painting episode was uncharacteristically wise

anger, ranting 

like literally anyone even slightly adjacent to tech, both hardware and software have caused me their fair share of ridiculous, unnecessary, nonsensical problems

but for some reason it's only the hardware problems that make me want to literally, physically destroy objects (and occasionally, my fellow human beings) with my bare hands

it feels supremely bad and i wish i could avoid it more consistently or cope with it better

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eugen selfie reminding me that I am indeed bisexual

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