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Simplicity is not simple. The Danger of "Simplicity", by

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In particular, the use of Bootstrap 4 cards is amazeballz!

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I redid my personal website theme, and I'm quite liking the results.

It’s a new year, and I decided to refresh my personal website! Starting with a dark theme:

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🔥 Hot off the press: “🎉 🥳🥂 Data Science Roundup Top 20 Posts of 2019! [DSR #211]”

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My gift to the community this end-of-2019 - a series of essays I’ve written on data science:

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Dear me, it's been 2 weeks now since I decided to write plain SQL (with PostgreSQL) to clean a data-driven codebase: please, never let me forget again how satisfying this is ^_^ #softwareengineering #database #datascience

First time on Mastodon. Interesting concept!


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