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If like me you're annoyed at this, I made a Chrome/Firefox extension that changes all the links back to GIFs in Tumblr's dashboard/explore tabs

Follow the link below to get the download links

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So apparently Tumblr did a solid again and started converting GIFs to webp/webm, completely fucking colors and sharpness in the process.

Congrats Tumblr on alienating yet another part of your users lmao

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I'm partial but the fact that we spent so much time at to make it possible to open/pop out stuff in new windows in our Electron/webapp spoiled me because I want to pop everything everywhere into a new window now.

I don't know if I should feel attacked or proud 😆

RT two hours later : "And that's how I started my new side-project, see you in 2 days with a new revolutionary Slack client"


Who do I have to bribe to be able to pop out Slack threads in their own window?

Maybe I should try again but the whole « you’re modifying one pixel at a time and you can’t console log anything » messed me up real bad and I couldn’t move forward in the book at all lol

Random, lazy web question: does anyone have any good resources for learning about shaders? I tried but frankly I was feeling dumb all the time so I gave up.

fedi meta, peertube, nazis 

I just remembered I had this thing so I’m gonna use it in the interim 😪 Good thing i have too many cables for my own good.

Oh shoot it's not released *yet*. God damnit lmao

So It seems M-Audio has a new version of my interface that is:
- ~black~
- has usb-c !!!

I guess if anyone has recommendations for USB audio interface/external sound cards, preferably with a USB hub and 1/4’’ outputs, now would be the time. The smaller the better, this is what I’m trying to replace

Now that I think about it the smell is akin to the smell of soldering liquid when it’s hot so *maybe* it just go hot, short circuited (I did hear a noise when plugging it) and It needs time to cool again?

tagging @CobaltVelvet, I know you messed with that kind of stuff before :P

I opened The Burnt Box, and… I can’t tell what is wrong exactly 🥴 Like, nothing seems obviously wrong when looking at the components? 🤔

Anyone better versed in electronics knows where I should look?

I'm low-key tempted to open it and see what the damage exactly is, it has to be the resistor that burnt? Oh yes, did I mention it smells like burnt now?

But I'm kinda scared to open the Box That Smells Like Burnt And That Says There's A Risk Of Shock If It Were To Be Opened.

Good morning, how are you?

I just accidentally fried my audio interface by plugging the wrong power adapter into it and obviously the model has been discontinued so I'm good to find a replacement, fuck.

So my morning could be better.

Also I played a bit of BOTW with a friend over Discord and while he helped me find shrines we remembered why we fucking love that game

Finally finished Link’s Awakening. Never played the original so it was entirely new for me!! What a very good and cute game!

Now onto Luigi’s Mansion 3 (and maybe start Fire Emblem..)

- Basically no music is tagged this way
- I haven't found a good/automatic way to fill those tags. There are some powered stuff but that falls short on "non popular" content

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