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Been here for a while but I've always been lazy and never did this so here we go:

I'm Damien (he/him), from France, living in California, I post about:
- computers
- nerd/weeb shit
- music
- meta stuff
- programming
- politics sometimes (fuck nazis and terfs)
- video games
- i probably forgot some other things b/c it's late and stuff

And that's mostly it ✨

at the point i'd be willing to make a PR for it but also i dont want to interact with gargron so eh

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mastodon support switching between light and dark theme automatically challenge.
so i dont have to write an ugly userscript everytime the instance im on gets updated

Now are the Big Navi cards more stable than the Navi ones on Windows is the question....

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I took one for the team and extracted the .heic files from 11.3 on my laptop, if like me, you want to set them as wallpapers before next week

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Speaking of the new iMacs, are the wallpapers in the newest macOS 11.3 RC? Have they been ripped yet?

Very cool of Chromium to show warnings about the DevTools' code inside the console to end users. I definitely did not get a heart attack by seeing "non-JS module files deprecated" when loading our very complex webapp. 😅

i know it's for the speakers and fans but... like... at least the previous iMac had the Apple logo there. It just looks like something is missing.

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And that chin looks empty as fuck too. But I guess it makes space for stickers and shit?

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I'm not in the market for an iMac but if Apple wants to make Macbook Pros with those new colors.....

I just realized we're 3 days away from a new Porter Robinson album and I am: hype

The whole GPU buying situation is giving me flashbacks of the darkest hours of the Smash Bros amiibo craze.

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