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*WITH my overall theme. God damn I need to re-read myself when I post.

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I didn't like how Firefox's tab containers have a straight, big, solid line so I just replaced that line by a more subtle gradient. Also it feels much better when my overall theme so that's a plus.

Here's a before/after, code is here

My RGB RAM sticks have a firmware to update. What a time to be alive

Today in "I love computers but also I hate them": losing half a day of troubleshooting because I couldn't access my motherboard's BIOS no matter how hard I tried.

The fix? Clearing the NVRAM.

I'm happy but I refuse to know why it fixed it because I know I'll be mad.

And yes I do note the irony of using RGB LEDs to only display a dimmed white color, but I couldn't settle on a colorscheme for now so please ignore this.

Also SideCar is very impressive, not sure what I'll use this 3rd display for yet but it's fun to play with.

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My long week-end was mostly spent building/setting up my new PC (Windows + macOS):

- It's small because mini ITX!
- It's powerful!
- It runs Catalina very well. OpenCore is tough but 100% worth it.

I've posted a small write-up on r/Hackintosh

In awe at the audacity of my Apple Music New Music Mix, going from David Bowie to Sepultura

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A gentle reminder that "trap" is a slur that implies that trans women are "really men" and are deceiving straight men into being attracted to them, and that using "trap" to refer to trans people tells us that you can't be trusted. #themoreyouknow

The One Time Where I Wish Quoted Toots Were A Thing Because That Would Have Been Useful Here.

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Listening to Alive 2007 for the 2839849389284th time and I wish Daft Punk would get out of the woods and just tour already.

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Finally tweaked my userContent.css in Firefox to fix the fact that the default new tab/home page isn't responsive and breaks on windows smaller than ~1100px

Code available here

Also saw this week-end:

- Jojo Rabbit: was entertaining, good jokes and all I guess.

- Once Upon a Time In Hollywood: wasn't horrible but directors gotta stop making 2h30+ long movies when they got nothing to say, seriously.

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