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Been here for a while but I've always been lazy and never did this so here we go:

I'm Damien (he/him), from France, living in California, I post about:
- computers
- nerd/weeb shit
- music
- meta stuff
- programming
- politics sometimes (fuck nazis and terfs)
- video games
- i probably forgot some other things b/c it's late and stuff

And that's mostly it ✨

Le truc cool avec le fait d'être expat inscrit sur les listes consulaires c'est que tu reçois des mails super utiles comme, euh, cette invitation pour une conférence dédiée à un torchon de droite 🙄😶

Thinking about how ✝ was and still is one of the best electro albums out there

However I'm sure i would have been done yesterday night if I didn't make a backup of my data on an exFAT drive, which TrueNAS can't mount, so I had to transfer ~3To of data over SMB 🥴 (0/10 would not do again)

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Now the problem is that I want to repurpose my previous PC build into a home server but that would require WAY more work...but also.... faster and better CPU.... 😩

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The non-addressed vulns of the past few weeks and the fact that I constantly ran against QNAP's limitations made me bite the bullet. I wasn't familiar with FreeBSD so it was definitely A Ride but so far it's fine.

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It took me a good part of my week-end but my NAS is free of QNAP's software, it runs TrueNAS decently with 16GB of RAM.

The CPU is still meh but it's not _that_ big a deal so far. I guess one ""easy"" fix would be somehow find a new, non-referential, name for because trademarks and store rules make it impossible to mention a bigger entity if you're a small developer.

Show thread And I kept publishing on the _Opera_ store, where clearly add-ons died in review limbo for months on end, but at least it was consistently dead and users can sideload Chrome extensions lmao

Show thread If it wasn't such a mess to provide auto-updates out of the Mac App Store, I would have bailed out already because this is clearly the worst store experience I've had in 7 years of publishing extensions for various browsers.

Show thread I'm not even trying to get an appeal because I'm almost convinced it won't lead anywhere, I'll just strip my app metadata of all Trademarked Words™️ until the App Store review mind is satisfied and that I do not infringe on anyone's trademark by referencing them 🙄

Show thread I'm sorry to be this negative on the TL but if the Safari team doesn't tell the App Store team to lay off, I really don't see why anyone would bother to even try to publish any extension for Safari because any "X for Y" extension will get rejected based on this rule.

Show thread Yet another rejection for something that got through review just fine in previous builds.

This is ridiculous

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I can’t believe The Mitchells vs The Machines managed to be even wilder than Spiderverse visually. What a great movie. I was told *by an App Store reviewer* to add "for TweetDeck" in a referential manner in the app/extension name, but reviewers don't get the memo. I don't mind the rules themselves, i just want them to be enforced reliably. You'd think Apple would have got it by now.

Show thread Plenty of apps/extensions reference trademarked items but they're fine. I'm not a full-time iOS/Mac developer and I'm already pissed.

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Ah, i wondered how long it would take for me to encounter the infamous random rejections from the App Store with 🙄
I’ve had 5-6 releases with the same metadata but *suddenly* the subtitle is an issue? Great.

1k users from the magic number....

Also what the hell 68k users?!?!

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