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Been here for a while but I've always been lazy and never did this so here we go:

I'm Damien (he/him), from France, living in California, I post about:
- computers
- nerd/weeb shit
- music
- meta stuff
- programming
- politics sometimes (fuck nazis and terfs)
- video games
- i probably forgot some other things b/c it's late and stuff

And that's mostly it ✨

anime fans: that character is so moe!!
the character:

Maybe browsers should belong to the people and not corporations, is what I’m saying.

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Maybe something (browser) that’s required to basically exist in the digital world shouldn’t depend on profit, maybe.

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Maybe it’s fucked up that the tools required to access what is essentially a public utility at this point are built by for profit companies only because it has become impossible for anyone else to build them in a sustainable way.

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At that point just stop supporting open standards and just start building Google Binary Web Format or something to run code, since nobody cares anymore.

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Looking forward to having to use Google’s documentation to develop on Google’s browser to push on Google’s version of the Web. /s

So Twitter seems to be testing an UI change where they don’t show the β€œgif” indicator anymore and it’s tripping me up so much

Isn't it great how the only companies who can afford to ship a browser these days are huge corporations that already have a massive wealth, thus don't need to "worry" about profit AND also can lobby to have anything implemented by everyone?

I had to use a sandbox Salesforce account at work those past few days and:
- I feel sorry for anyone who has to spend their lives in this software
- I refuse to believe I'm not looking at a time window into the early 2000s

being a 'power user' means having a 'days since i last yelled at a computer' counter that's just the number zero painted on a wall

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