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Been here for a while but I've always been lazy and never did this so here we go:

I'm Damien (he/him), from France, living in California, I post about:
- computers
- nerd/weeb shit
- music
- meta stuff
- programming
- politics sometimes (fuck nazis and terfs)
- video games
- i probably forgot some other things b/c it's late and stuff

And that's mostly it ✨

Thanks to MVG's latest video I learnt that you can launch DS games off a SD card on a softmodded (new) 3DS so... I'm def going to do that πŸ‘€

help a single Black mama of twins in the Bay Area (crowdfunding request, please boost)

Nicole has two infant babies, is precariously employed, and is in need of stable housing. Throw her some coin to support her please.

You can also contribute to her paypal at:

Playing random GBA games kinda makes me want to stream playing them.

I have the gear needed to, too bad i'm too self-conscious about how my voice sounds to ever let myself do that, welp.

1h in, the 1st game is a RPG with a card-based battle system, it’s not bad so far!

Also, LOOK at that sprite of Alphonse Elric 😭😭😭

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2021 starting strong as the year where I’m completely back on my usual bullshit and I will not feel sorry for it πŸ˜‚

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Folks, I was reminded that there were two Fullmetal Alchemist games for the GBA AND that they both have translation patches.

I am 100% going to play the shit out of them and probably post pics of them whenever i do.

The juxtaposition of those two images works very well as a metaphor of the last 12 months, honestly

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So I tried running PokΓ©mon Crystal on the EverDrive GBA with Goomba Color and, huh.

Well it runs but now how I expected.

Don't know why it happens but it's hilarious

The game: ok NOW you can fight the final boss!
Me: great!
The game: ah, actually there's another fight after the 2 phases and also if you die you have to go through the puzzle+mini-bosses and the 2 phases all over again
Me: *sigh*

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The game: OK, it's the final boss!
Me: great!
The game: but first you'll have to fight a mini-boss, a puzzle and then 3 mini-bosses at once
Me: ...

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Spent the last few days replaying TLoZ Minish Cap on the GBA, that games hold up pretty well even if I didn't remember how much of a chore the final boss(es) were 😬

Just modded the second GBA πŸ˜„

That pink color looks really nice, much darker than I expected but it looks good still.

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Just modded the second GBA πŸ˜„

That pink color looks really nice, much darker than I expected but it looks good still.

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Managed to move/attenuate the bleeding to a less noticeable state by un-tightening a screw, so I'll just leave that gba alone because i can live with that tbh

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A new donor GBA, shell, LCD, screws, and 2 hours later, the modding is a success πŸŽ‰

I forgot to buy white silicone pads so Sel/Start are grey and not white but πŸ™ƒ

The LCD is gorgeous, otherwise!

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