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Don't know if that means anything but I've been seeing a small spike of "definitely not fake" pro-Tr*mp accounts following @\BetterTDeck over the past 2 days. Wonder if that's indicative of an actual uptick in activity of sockpuppets accounts 🤔

It would be a really good day to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. I did - please do too, if you can donate. Consider doing it via GiveMN, which ensures they get more of your money.

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Any good turnip prices? Mine look like shit (fluctuating with a max at 150).

Why can iOS see the battery level of every bluetooth devices I connect to it but macOS still doesn't...

I need to go out for groceries today and let me tell you, I am not looking forward to going out by this heat.

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It's only 10am and it's already like 80F outside and almost 75F in my room. what the fuck 😩

This is for a secondary monitor so I guess the viewing angles have to be sorta decent?

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Lazy web: anyone has recommendations for a ~23-25" QHD monitor? I would go to Dell as I always do but their only offerings are fairly old/pricey and I don't know what other brands to trust.

I dont care about high refresh rates or gaming stuff, just want accurate colors.

But I understand why it's not the case. Masto's CSS file makes heavy use of the darken/lighten Sass functions and unfortunately those are not implemented into CSS (yet).

It used to be part of the CSS Color Module Level 4 spec as color() then color-mod() but was removed 😞

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I had a thought of trying to make a userstyle that would somehow pull my pywal colors into Mastodon but the fact that I would need to override all the colors manually turned me down real quick

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I wish Masto used CSS variables for its stylesheet, would make it so much easier to write userstyles/custom themes...

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