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If like me you're annoyed at this, I made a Chrome/Firefox extension that changes all the links back to GIFs in Tumblr's dashboard/explore tabs

Follow the link below to get the download links

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So apparently Tumblr did a solid again and started converting GIFs to webp/webm, completely fucking colors and sharpness in the process.

Congrats Tumblr on alienating yet another part of your users lmao

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canpol; NYT coverage 

Damnit, I almost fell for a Netflix phishing scam pretending to be a billing error. Be careful folks!!

Psychoanalysis only appeals to few specific people. It's a really Nietzsche thing.

Every few weeks I'm reminded that Ello still exists and there are people on it because somehow my first and only post there gets random likes….5 years later

Linux ecosystem make sense to anyone who's not deep in it for decades challenge 2k19

Anyway, it's 11pm and I'm tired and annoyed because i thought mopidy was the shit I needed but clearly it isn't.

Also fuck gstreamer and its plugin naming shit.

Is it too much to ask for a way to:

- host my music files somewhere (Dropbox, a server, i really don't care)
- have a client read those? I could settle for a TUI, for real

I can't believe that there isn't a way to somehow have mpd read shit off the network. Like, that sounds (eh) like the number 1 that someone would do.

Instead finding the right plugins for GStreamer is shit because:

a) nobody lists them anywhere by format
b) they're called with stupid names like "-plugins-good" "-plugins-bad" or whatever

The theme of the night is me losing 2h because I didn't properly understand that:

- mopidy can't stream audio on its own (which greatly decreases its use imo but whatever)
- there doesn't seem to be any magic option of "have my music files be remote and play them on a local client" unless I haven't been looking properly

Because clearly mpd/mopidy are made to work in a world where the sound outputs on the machine running them which: sucks in my case lmao

Lewd-ish art / bondage(?) 

I had to retype this because spelling is hard

Me: frontend engineer

Random Linkedin recruiter who definitely read my profile and definitely didn't confuse me with a co-worker whom I share a first name with:

Random question, can it be used as a mpd server ? Possibly one that can return cover arts? The only solution I’ve found so far was mopidy but it was seemed very heavy.

Yeah that doesn't look like a spam account at all (look at that following count lmao)

Who needs any more online games when you can just play Kirby's Dream Course with a buddy online on the Switch.

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