Love to open the front door wearing only a bathrobe to find my landlord and a bank inspector (who needs to take pictures of my messy-ass apartment) while my toddler is simultaneously watching TV and playing on a tablet 🙃🙃🙃

@epershandrea yikes! My landlord showed up without notice once. I wouldn’t answer the door and he had to phone me. I don’t answer the door for anyone I’m not expecting. That was years ago and he’s always given me advance notice since.

I spend pretty much all summer in nothing but tiny lace chemises and slips. I can’t handle the heat and only wear that much so I don’t stick to my chair while I work. I’d be answering in something hastily thrown on too if I were forced to answer the door. 💙

@Vanessa I wish I could say that he didn't give notice, but he did and I just forgot. I have no one to blame but myself 😆

@epershandrea also, for the record, the house I grew up in was always immaculate and I was rarely allowed to watch tv, but my biological parents were hella abusive.
The messy house and the little human entertaining himself with devices sounds like people being happy and living their life. Maybe that’s how he saw it. If not: fuck anyone who actually judges you for not maintaining a home that looks like a magazine ad and for sometimes being so busy that you forget about your landlord’s agenda.

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