Ok, last one for now. The ferry.

The two ferry routes between Denmark and Germany have departures multiple times a day with relatively small ships with two decks for vehicles each.

Bicycles are stored on the lower deck with all the big trucks that follow immediately after you have been beckoned over - and in reverse when leaving which means letting the trucks go first (what a noise btw) and then lonesome me afterwards. Like a parade, with me, the queen on the bicycle as Grand finale. 🚲 ​:catjam:​ 🤣​

General advice for ferry transit:
Getting around the harbour ferry terminals by can be quite thrilling. Stay calm and alert about where to go (signs, dedicated lane), there are lots of trucks, lorries, camper vans and cars. Unloading the ferry proceeds pretty quick, better let the majority of vehicles just leave first, then take your time to orientate yourself and follow and slowly roll towards exit.