@wmd @encarsia

in English a loupe is a particular kind of magnifying glass, smaller and without a handle and often held closer to the eye (used for working on watches and jewellery). Although in French "une loupe" is any kind of magnifying glass..

@vfrmedia Same in Swedish, actually, though we bastardize the spelling to "lupp" @wmd @encarsia

@encarsia what is the deal with the Union Jack, where is Ireland 😂😂

@aetios Good point, also the German flag should be replaced by the Austrian flag :trollface:

@aetios @encarsia 🇨🇮 GLOINE MHÉADAITHE

(it's the wrong flag 🔄 , but the closest they got)

@batterpunts @aetios I contributed to a wiki where we used flags to mark external links and the English language flag was a split Union Jack/Stars&Stripes (like this vector.me/browse/247275/us_uk_) which is still inaccurate.

The language=national flag may work for some countries but mostly it is "you know what is meant by this".

There are mockups of Anglosphere flags but these are naturally very detailed and not suitable for small icons.

@batterpunts @aetios
I'd really appreciate the existence of those language icons (also French, Spanish, Russian, ? versions required) but I get the difficulty of creating those.

@encarsia @aetios yeah I think the idea of language=flag should just not be used in UIs. It's nice and compact, but also mostly wrong in most cases.

@encarsia in Spanish it's "Lupa". My other two languages are English and Swedish. :blobcatmeltcry: Even though loupe and lupp exist they are not commonly used.

@encarsia Borrowed from French loupe. according to wikidictionary

which has been copied by some of the language in this image

@encarsia@octodon.social german probably just want to keep it simple one word, and that is "ZOOM!"

@vaartis @encarsia и пупа пришли получать зарплату

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