Somebody might remember me owning a fitness which I use on an almost daily basis.

So it was just a matter of time that the first rubber band snaps (I'm doing quite high jumps on my HIIT routine and from the product reviews that can and will happen regardless of workout intensity/weight).

In theory you can buy a replacement rubber band set and in practice it is not in stock atm.

So I bought regular bungee cord and clips and started to macgyver around.

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I purchased the 8 mm bungee cord that turned out to be a bit too thick but still with the power of patience and a bit force the cord fit through the hole of the plastic mount.

The chosen length resulted in an educated guess based on the original cord and the lower elasticity of the new cord.

This is the result. I bought the green bungee cord on purpose, the replaced rubber bands are easy to spot.

This has been working for two weeks now to my satisfaction. I'm convinced I have to replace more original rubber bands with time. So be it.

@encarsia I wish you good luck and would be happy to read how satisfied you are with the repair result.

@ubo I added a third post. The fix works so far.

@encarsia Looks very good to me. And in conjunction with the distribution of forces, I think it should last. Happy jumping! 🙂

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