I'm afraid most all of you are missing out on this German pastry delicacy known as "Little Mountain Peaks" (also called "mountain climber" or "shrapnel" in some parts of the country):

cocoa, buttercream, waffle floor & shortcrust mixed together, covered in dark chocolate. So yummy 💕

@DC7IA @fribbledom Hooray, I'm not the only one who obviously has never heard of this before...😳

@encarsia @DC7IA

Maybe you know them as "Hackstockkratze" or "Punschberg"? That's what they call them in Berlin. Now I'm officially running out of names for it, though 😂


@fribbledom @DC7IA Nope and nope.
It looks like one would create this from buttercream leftovers (I have some really good cake bakers in my family but I have never seen this).

I should try to make these because I'm not very good at cutting sponge layers for cakes and they look delicious.

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