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It's world championship going on so live tooting could soon become a thing...

Is drinking cowboy coffee in front of a computer located in central Europe cultural appropriation?

Microwave! From this day until the end of electricity thou shall proudly bear the name 'Porridge Master'!

I am the last person to realize that the icon looks like a brofist. 👊

Moin/Morning Fedis and High Eight to the instance neighbours...

Open room window, car passes by down the street filling the air with some rap beats.

/me: laughs out loud because instantly thinking of Rhett Parks...🤦

fyi: youtube.com/watch?v=ES-qu2MqDY

Life goal: have this amount of self-confidence like the guys showing up like that to the photo shootings:



So robots are capable of assembling IKEA furniture now. Why? Why? Why?
This was the fun part!

Cucumber salad addiction is a serious issue.

And then my sister laconically responded "congrats, you took a picture of a postcard"...🤗


I cannot believe that there might be more stars than interpretations of "Ça plane pour moi".

My super power: maintain weight while massively increasing output.
Yeah, it's time for some severe intake restriction again...*rolleyes*

Status: drink coffee and watch the latest 'Best of the Worst'.

Switched my Github Page to ForkAwesome just for the Mastodon icon.
Priorities, guys!

Hey Mastos, greetings from Rügen island...

At least this was the most idyllic place I've ever been angry about a bike break-down...

"Riding up that hill"...

'Dörferblick' (village view), one of the several hills made of WW2 debris where you can see surrounding localities.