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A friend goes on a strict diet and I will join for support and finally make those last kilos go to improve running and get some more Cycling QOMs on Strava...:D

I hate tracking my food but it/I won't/don't work any other way. BTDT.

Coffee consumption explosion in 3..2..1

The "I don't care software licence" web search pointed me to the DBAD licence I was looking for but couldn't remember its name.

But now I know that there also exists the WTFPL which is even shorter.

My fellow octodons and fedis,
this is a hard decision:

'Don't be a dick licence' or 'Do what the fuck you want to public licence'?

Now that I see some familiar faces from the blue instance it feels like people coming over for a visit and you have to put on pants in your own home...

No offense, welcome aboard.

This hibiscus plant has been my companion for 7 years now. We make good team... ๐ŸŒบ

On writing realistic sword fights:

(even thought I will never do that I found it an interesting read)

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Disappointingly, Aeroplane Mode does not turn my phone into a little toy plane with a propeller.

Beautiful new front light for the Trucker, B+M IQ-XS. Love the alu case.
But bike cleaning comes first...

Kudos to all ultra runners of the Berlin Wall Race. It was a pleasure to support you guys.

I hate my printer.
Or does my printer hate me?

Who knows?

Maybe the scanner?

If a colleague brings up that she and your line manager and his boss want you to apply for the works council and you are kind of flawed but don't really want to do that...

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We encourage #Firefox users who do not want US-based company Cloudflare to see which websites they are visiting to type about:config into their browser's address bar and then set:

network.trr.mode = 5

By the way: Though based on Firefox, TorBrowser is not affected.

#privacy #QuoVadisMozilla /c

Last bike team meetup for next week's Berlin Wall Trail Run...

Trying to cool down by staring at my avatar...

I'm not earthistic and stuff but we indeed have the best satellite of the solar system.

Water and binoculars.
Heatwave and lunar eclipse.

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RT @openstreetmap
Will you be in Milan this Friday evening? The @sotm organising team has managed to arrange a lunar eclipse for you :) @Ale_Zena_IT @Fraussani

There will also be an informal #sotm social gathering

Just 3 more weeks. I guess the runners are calmer than me...๐Ÿ˜…

Tomorrow evening will be stressful. I will have left my workplace at about 10:10 PM, the total lunar eclipse will last until 11:13 PM and the most perfect spot to watch (a nearby debris hill) is a 6.3 km bike ride away.
That should work.