Hey Fedi, did you drink enough water today? ☝️

I have to attend my cousin's firstborn's school enrolment today. The little superhero fan gets some cool Avengers socks and lunchbox wrapped in the most adorable gift wrap paper.

It's almost like I tend to give presents that I'd rather keep for myself...😅

I provide a watering place for insects so those spiders chose a good spot to settle...

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So two garden spiders have moved in on my . It's not easy to capture them with the phone camera because it always auto-focuses on the background. One was just feasting on a fly and the other has to rebuild its net because human was a bit clumsy (sorry, mate).

:blobrainbow: Don't know if it's custom. Everyone should have it.

Mysterious cuckoo pepper is doing very well. It highly probable just is a boring capsicum annuum variety but I raise it as if it was something special...

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Instead of preparing the flat for the guys who will install the smoke detectors tomorrow I started to solve Sudokus from Cracking The Cryptic. Again.

The Saturday was finally over and the work done.

When it comes the time of refurbishing my kitchen I'll demand revenge.

Now having the first coffee in two days...

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The first 3 to 4 rows are always most complicated. Not in picture: the almighty laminate cutter, hero of the day.

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Friend: Do you want to spend your day off with laying laminate and carpet in my new apartment on a hot summer day?
Me: I thought you'd never ask. D'oh!

This story is insane:
Guy jumps on moving cement mixer lorry whose driver fell unconscious and stops vehicle.

The lorry was weaving and eventually ended moving slowly idling along the left safety fence of the road (autobahn) when the lunatic decided to set his vehicle some distance in front of the lorry, run towards it and jump onto the footboard to finally manage it to pull the handbrake.

I wish I could condemn this dangerous move but it was just too damn epic.


Hey Fedi, I'm home, what's for dinner?

His staff gets him a furcut in summer. As you can see by the tail this year's fashion is lion style.

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He's always a bit shy so you can't be sure if he's in the mood for some stranger's head scritches...

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Met one of the neighbour's cats in the courtyard. I haven't seen Garfield for some time so I went over to say hello.

Quote of the day:

"It's probably a good thing if computers take over music. 'Cause computers are a lot more messed up than people and the more messed up and farther away music gets from music the better, the healthier it gets for music. I think computers can kinda take it to a new level. I'm all for it.

People are...people are the worst. It's the worst thing about music - [is] that people play it."

--- Mike Patton during the 'Sandwich interview'

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tpyo levels are 39% and falling

(39%) ■■■□□□□□□□

Back from the . Humidity over 9000. *blergh*

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