You look for some specific information.
You ask a search engine.
You click on a link.
You read a ten year old forum post.
You find the wanted piece of information in a comment.
Written by yourself.

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hubbabubbaklubb - Mopedbart [Official Video]

Short version of the music video 'Mopedbart' by hubbabubbaklubb.

See long version here:
Buy Vinyl here:
Buy Digital here:

If you like gedit, why not give the editor some credit? With credit I mean throw some coins in the Liberapay hat.

Hooray, the on-the-job training planned months ago is cancelled. The Hotel in Leipzig must not serve my kind living in a risk area. Thanks you selfish hedonistic dumbfucks.

Is there something going on with the Telegram servers again or am I just too tedious for a short talk?

Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory, falling on my head because I left the house without my rain jacket...

Roasted pumpkin seeds as appetizer, the hull will come with the main dish.

Apropos : this is a video from my five-day trip from Berlin heading North East to the region of Uckermark (visiting some relatives), to Poland, joining the annual citywide bike ride in Szczecin and then returning along the Oder river long distance cycling route with a group from Germany back to Berlin.

I have to submit my holiday schedule for the next year by the end of this month. Normally I am quite spontaneous and open when it comes to holiday.

I never fly somewhere but I'd really like to be on a ship or a bike tour again. So maybe ride to the Baltic Sea, take a ferry to Denmark (or Sweden?), riding around and return by train might be reasonable plan as it does not require any booking in advance...

Let's say, today I had a rough start but it became okay, even went to the gym after work 💪
Still fucking badly illuminated streets with road works...🤬

Do on again off again relationships work like computers?

Why is it called wasp and not stingfluencer?

There is a place where Earth is some blurry image and experts argue about whether it may be in the habitable zone or not. It is not.

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