°62-year-old former Marine sets Guinness World Record by holding plank for over 8 hours°

Wtf, how is this possible?


Bought a mousetrap today and there is written 'SuperCat' on it. I laughed.

So I have this Flask app running on a RPi that sends me some emails at randomly chosen 6:00 AM.

I should get two emails but always receive one but it worked when testing it before.

So I test again, not scheduled: 2 emails.
Scheduled at another time: 2 emails.

Curious and helpless I set the scheduler to just run every hour to see what comes through: 2 emails every hour except one email at 6:00 AM...😆

What happens at 6 o'clock?

It's friday evening, I had a sugar-free soda from my Wacken tumbler and I'm about to go to the gym. Rock&Roll lifestyle...💪

One year ago today: strolling through nocturnal Honningsvåg with my sister... :blobcheerbounce:

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New device, fresh system. In case there are still lost users out there you should take a look at .

Me: I need more backup capacity.

Also me: hoards ancient images in some "archive/"temp"/"stuff I might use again one day" folders.

Yes, I do want to delete those SAS 9.1.3 ISOs.

me: bandages sore finger

crocodile: poses inappropriately

Well, somebody is going to be replaced tomorrow...

That means no more excuses for not editing the piles of GoPro footage that has been waiting for too long now.

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New notebook at packstation. But first second coffee. :blobrainbow:

I don't get carnival: people in silly outfits being loud and making stupid jokes, plus annoying music.
If you want to get drunk, why not do that with some dignity?

Had a little collision today due to mutual stupidity - nothing serious, only small bruises, bike's okay.
Only thing is one bruise is slowly getting visible on my chin, can't await the upcoming comments at work...

This song invaded my mind today. Layne's voice was so damn amazing.


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A storm is coming...

No really, it's called Ciara or Sabine and will disrupt the German rail system while some Dutch ride their Omafiets over the Oosterscheldekering during the headwind championship.

So good luck everyone!


Present me decluttering home.
Hey past me, we have to talk!

1) Why did you keep exactly nine VHS tapes?

2) What's on the two unlabeled tapes?

3) Why TF did you not rewind? That's unacceptable!

Hat hier jemand Erfahrung mit Notebooks von Tuxedo?

Genauer gesagt habe ich ein Auge auf das hier geworfen:

Ansonsten nehme ich gern Tipps für ein -kompatibles Notebook um 1-1.3k €, das nicht zu hässlich ist, entgegen.


Bringt doch alle nochmal den Gigabyte-Brexit-Spruch (*lachflashsmiley*), morgen ist damit aber Schluss, okay?

Negotiating works agreement with the employer concerning working time - hopefully the last session to finish this shit tomorrow.

This is really tiring and the person who initiated it backed out months ago and the three of us pulling off the contract can't stand our lawyer (anymore).

The day I sign this fucking paper there will be schnapps.

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