Stumbled across my new favourite because simple and modern theme Metropolis:

Still a favourite is Torino, nice colour schemes and pleasant looks:

Tbh: Especially the colour schemes of the built-in themes are rather awful...

All three belong to the group of the works council's initiators of dept. X.

Now the rest of us is left with a pile of shit to do that others caused. I was elected leader of the pack.

We are currently preparing the first compulsory all-hands meeting next week and some works council agreements ('Betriebsvereinbarung').

I'm trying to play the whole season.
Don't count on me in three years during the next works council election.

__The End__

#3 We hardly had any contact. #1 told me about your reason to drop out, you didn't communicate it yourself. So you totally didn't begrudge that we could bargain more hours to a co-worker's part-time contract but were pissed that you didn't get some. Lucky you I'm not resentful and put your name on the table just yesterday and could get the promise from our boss that you will get it, too.

#2 2nd chairman. We all liked your passion to the "project" but it was and still is a side quest for all of us. You wanted the whole cake as you said but there is only a narrow legal corridor of co-determination and consultation rights that we can move in to achieve some goals for the staff. You did all the work alone? Well, how about delegating some tasks and not frequently bursting into a choleric eruption?

One year later.

Within one week recently 3 out of 7 dropped out of the works council due to partially ridiculous reasons.

#1 1st chairwoman. Yes, there may be different opinions and despite we didn't want to we always listened to the kindergarten stuff that's going on in your dept. Sorry that "it didn't feel good anymore", at least you achieved your personal goal of getting a specific position you had aimed at for years. But of course it's all about fair decisions based on social aspects...

Topic: Works council frustration

One year ago there were some co-workers of department X who felt the urge to found a works council at our company.

Having seen through the list of candidates I thought there should be a balanced representation through all departments so I put my name on the list.

Okay, elected to the works council for a four year period. Let's do this.

Even though I still was a child, not even a teenager, during the events from 30 years ago the evening's footage is still moving to me.

Having grown up right next to the wall on the Eastern side I recognize that the singularity of the fall and the end of the socialist era had a much bigger impact on my identity than on West-Berlin/German friends of my age.

Ready to get some square eyes tonight?

Watch TV programmes from 30 years ago all night.

Glotze an und den ganzen Abend Mauerfall in Echtzeit schauen. Das wird ein langer Tag heute...

Tonight will be the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.

There will be a "real time" programme (tagesschau24) and livestream showing the events, news, etc. starting with the legendary press conference when the completely unprepared Günter Schabowski unintentionally said some few momentous words that got the ball rolling.

...and they elevated above Nördlingen, the only German town with an intact medieval town wall.

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When I said you look like you need a good shower I meant the Leonids. Sorry.

I didn't do nothing - I swear it jumped right out of my coat by itself...(fu#$&ng giant devices)


Somehow I missed the alarm clock this morning so I rocket launched out of bed late.

On my way to work a bird shat on the handlebar which I noticed after being in contact with the slimy stuff.

So I arrived one hour late with bird excrements on my bike and hand (and jeans and buff).

Wish you all a great week.

"What do these people wear in winter?"

-- short sleeved me recognizing all those coats, scarfs and beanies out there on this warm, sunny autumn day

My dishwasher's pump seems blocked. I disassembled all possible parts and screws but cannot reach it to examine the problem.

So I guess that means washing dishes like a caveman until I bought a new one...

"And when it [the murder] happened, I saw the morning paper, thinking ‘F**k, I gotta get home to my place and get out all the weapons and drugs and shit I had in my house, because they’re coming to my house because I’m probably going to be the No. 1 suspect for this."

Jørn Stubberud (Mayhem)



I feel bad for not pulling myself together to go to the gym this morning while at the very same time Eliud Kipchoge ran the Vienna marathon in sub 2 hours.
What an incredible achievement.

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