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In the following days this thread will show you classic cellar compartments of Berlin - of my neighbours, to be specific.

Beware, there will be lots of cardboard boxes, abandoned furniture, some bikes, general mess and more junk.

Zum Thema habe ich etwas Luft abgelassen:

tl;dr Abschalten, die Plattform hat seine besten Zeiten sowieso hinter sich.

Beware of fraud! I made MATE look like GNOME Shell:

Call me Dr. Frankenstein of desktop environments...muhahaha

Not for every day but banana flavoured mate soda isn't too bad. Especially with gin in it.

You can judge me while I'm drinking.

Thanks "member of an international hacker group" for proving that you have my password. Now I know that you use the data from the 2012 data breach.

Please publish all my dirty secrets you recorded. But be quiet about my musical taste. That'd go too far.


The 'delete and re-draft' function is nice but a real editing function would be nicer.

I hate typos.

The main sculpture of the Soviet War Memorial.

The central part of the tryptych is the "The motherland calls" statue with a > 30m/100ft sword:

One of the two kneeling soldier statues at the Soviet War Memorial.

Today I made a walk to Treptower Park. There is the Soviet War Memorial which is one part of a tryptych, the other parts being over 2.200 km and another over 1.000 km away.

Knowing that makes such a difference being there because this place is bound to these far away places.

"Beer is important"

Let's be educated by a wall. Walls don't lie.

The next release (3.32) won't support app menus (the ones in the top bar) anymore.

I think this is a good decision:

- avoid irritation about different places for different menus
- rarely used by non-GNOME applications
- no support on other desktop environments
- they take a lot of (empty) space

Trending topic :

- G+: What a pity but Google messed it up. What can we do now? Let's have some ideas about platforms, moving and what we should learn about companies and independence.

- Mastodon: Remember the good times we had? Let's stick together and watch out for alternatives.

- The Blue Instance: Let's make the stalest jokes about nobody being on G+ because when we never used or understood it's not a big loss for everybody. Plus: please go to FB because we are superior.

How many times did we have to read posts like this one from last year:

°Losing My Patience with Google+°

Everyone read it, except the guys from Google (or they just didn't care).

I'm angry but also somehow relieved at the same time that + doesn't have to end like MySpace:

°Meet the people who still use Myspace: 'It's given me so much joy'°

Mixed feelings about the scheduled + shutdown.
As a (formerly) very active user and advocate of the platform it aches a bit. When I processed my Takeout data into a static website I realized how enriching this network used to be in many different aspects.

But let's face it: Google abandoned this platform a long time ago, the vivid heterogenous, interesting and interested user community slowly, partly being loud and crying for help, broke away, for different reasons, myself included.

Recently used a VM with MATE desktop for some testing. Really impressed by the speed and knowing that it's all GTK3 now I installed it on my main system.
It takes as much/little RAM as GNOME Shell but it's clearly responding faster.

Now I try to make it look and feel more familiar to test a possible common future for both of us.

It feels like betrayal... :blobastonished:

Saturday night ginger mate - living on the edge.

I really should take care of the GoPro tool but I've not run out of ideas for optimizing the GUI frontend.

I'm not friends with lots of people but when I am I can admire the brand new Fiskars axe being showcased to me drinking a coffee.

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High Eight everybody on this instance, this is our month!

Consider to throw some coins into the hat to keep this thing alive:

Yesterday after work on my phone:
-- 3 missed calls (by a friend)

/me calling back, nobody answers, riding home. Just arrived looking at the phone:

-- 1 missed call

/me writing text message "What's the matter?"

-- no text message
-- 2 missed calls

What is wrong with people? I don't understand the point of forcing other people into synchronous conversation if not necessary. Just give me some piece of information ffs.

No, he prefers this "direct" sort of communication...

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