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In the following days this thread will show you classic cellar compartments of Berlin - of my neighbours, to be specific.

Beware, there will be lots of cardboard boxes, abandoned furniture, some bikes, general mess and more junk.

TIL that a colleague of mine lives just 400 meters around the corner and still we've never met on the street.

My theory is that there is some sort of Silent Hill issue going on here which would also explain the garbage and decay in this area...

The moment when you are ready to jump to bed and remember you still have to hang up the laundry - this is how you break me.

Turns out, I did actually ruin the weekend and more with a full-grown gastroenteritis.
Well, I wanted to get rid of 2 or 3 kilos before holidays anyway. Would have been nice without pain and sleepless nights but you can't have it all...

High eight to self: long weekend with Saturday/Sunday/Monday off.

...breathes slowly whispering to self: "just don't ruin this now"

Confession of the day: I like Stargate Atlantis.

And everytime I see Mitch Pileggi I think it would have been great if he had just reprised his role as Skinner which connected Stargate and The X Files.

We could call it the 'Canadian sci-fi TV production universe' and (some) things would just make perfect sense.

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It would be good if there was some sort of website where you could find ActivityPub servers, and it would know the age, uptime, target audience, number of active users, degree of federation, etc, of each of them, and would do a sort of ranking and registration load balancing thing, so it could auto-suggest instances to new or old users looking for a place to stay. Perhaps it could have a sort of user review system with upvotes/downvotes too, to reach a sort of type consensus about each instance.

T to me yesterday: can I come over with M to fix M's bike?
me: k, sunday is fine for me, my shall be your bike kitchen. Apple pie?

Yes, I'm that kind of idiot...

I'm afraid this won't be considered "critical"...

But in fact it is. :blobsadreach:

If you translate the localization strings of your own application into your mother language and you consult the dictionary about which expression matches best...

Not sure if I'm ready for the cringe that awaits us in the new RLM reView episode "Hackers"...

Off to the Bürgeramt!

Where we will wait.

Something is going on here...out with my new ID card within 5 minutes.

This is not the Germany I used to know.

Hi @ashur, are you planning to publish the @tinyskylines 's sourcecode? I've noticed you created a repo on GitHub but it's empty...

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I made a logo for the Berlin Wall Race bike team which is a bikechain shaping the running track (

Does that make sense or too complicated?


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