Two weeks...

(unfortunately not getting my ass to Mars)

I want to use an item that I haven't used in quite a time.

It's not where it's supposed to be.

I keep searching...

finding stuff I wanted to pack in my luggage but may have forgotten,

finding things I forgot I owned,

finding things I cannot believe not having thrown away (I do not tend to cumpulsive hoarding).

Turns out the item has always been in the exact drawer it was supposed to be and I was looking for in the first place...*rolleyes*

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This has tumbled into my Blue Instance's timeline and it's just insane:

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Monday: Greg
Tuesday: Ian
Wednesday: Greg
Thursday: Ian
Friday: Greg
Saturday: Ian
Sunday: Greg

The Gregorian Calender

Why is it 'blueberry' and 'blackberry' but not 'redberry' (strawberry) and 'pinkberry' (raspberry)?

Ein paar wahrscheinlich letzte Optimierungen am G+-Import-Plugin für , im alten Blogartikel ergänzt:

(config, Post-Analyse, Filter, Wasserzeichen)

In another reality we are fantasizing about how it would be with wild boars and crows around while petting our Tasmanian tigers.

I hate hanging up the laundry so much that I choose the longer running washing programme just to gain some time...

In my today's Duolingo lesson I had to translate a quote from The Rocky Horror Show.
I can't wait to have time to learn some Klingon to finally watch the original version.

Thanks for updating to v2.7 @CobaltVelvet. If you can read this it worked.

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Great set of new features in #Mastodon 2.7! Thanks @Gargron and all the other developers! My favorite one: group multiple hashtag searches in one column. Also great that Mastodon now includes an API for scheduled toot's. Hope a web UI to schedule toots and manage them will come in one of the next releases.

Wow, this trophy is some ugly piece of glass.

Hmm, it's probably a little late to ask if someone is watching Masters...Judd Trump already on the finish line.

My gosh, Karl Urban has been in some bad movies...and I have probably watched them all...

Just listening to JRE with Mike Tyson - my concern was that he might be difficult to understand but now I just think "well, that sounds kinda cute".
I guess this is something you normally do not say about M.T. ...

Car audio manufacturers are true masters of cringe.

Fun of the week: a friend came over with the car audio stuff his new used car was equipped with (which had ruined the battery btw.) to test if it's working at all. The former owner had fiddled around with it obviously without having any kind of expertise.

So I contributed kitchen, tools, some cable, coffee and fire preparedness because it ended with some Frankensteinesk electronic construct.

But hey, it worked in the end.

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