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Enough with the kids' toys - being the only person using the swing one of the weekend's tasks was to disassemble the swingset.

Day off on Saturday this week so I took a train to Bavaria to pet dogs and sit on swings...

So there is this site that plays YouTube videos by standard filenames and it's as odd as expected:

As Photos has been evolved from G+, all images shared to G+ are included in the archive.
Also the post text and view count information are available in the image's metadata file.

The only useful information in every Metadaten.json seems to be the time of upload/sync. Files exist even if the images have been deleted.

Do not ever create links to "jpeg" or even "json" files, that's not the Google way.

Then what is the Google way, you ask? It's useless metadata files in empty folders.

Photo album folders contain all image files. Duplicates yay, metadata files nay.

Nobody wants chronological order if one can have a "best of date formats". Fact!

Downloaded my Google data of Photos in preparation of abandonment ( is dead so I don't need it anymore).
First impression: it is a mess just like the G+ data:

- 17 GB account size makes a 34 GB archive, impressive
- date time formats, all of them!
- metadata JSON files everywhere
- archive HTML page: file links only available for jpg, png, gif files
- no summary, just "Google Fotos. 26293 files", that's useful

This is going to be some work...

The phone rings, unknown but allegedly Berlin landline number:

me: Hallo?

...: Hi, [unintelligible], I'm calling from Windows Service...

me: (interrrupting) No, you don't.

...: Why?

me: Because I don't use Windows. (I'm about to hang up but start giggling a bit)


me: (interrupting again, gosh I'm so rude) Thank you and goodbye.

I pity her, this scammer call center agent job must be the frustrating worst.

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Used my day off for a ride along the Wall Trail yesterday.

Only few people out there after the inner city part as to expect on a Monday so I somehow became The Lone Rider (won't complain).

I cannot recall having seen a browser ad in ages but today was the day.
It was for Opera and I sat in a cinema.

TIL Eddie Izzard ran 27 marathons in 27 days three years ago.

I'd love to see him running the Berlin Wall Race which is 160 k/100 m.

Not being a long distance runner myself but as part of the organisational team I could just try to write an e-mail...? 🤔

There is some bad news to deliver. After having been a problem child for some years now this is the final summer of the sour cherry tree in my mom's garden. 😒

First day in new department and things almost went out of hand (3 ppl called in sick, no replacement in sight) so it shall be coffee and now.

Will Kyren Wilson be able to stop The Hawk?

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