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Metal or punk covers of shitty pop songs still are just shitty songs.

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I watched Solo yesterday and I was really entertained. I liked the visual appearance, the creatures, and there was Woody Harrelson (that was a good compensation for annoying Emilia Clarke).

IMHO the overall expressions of mispleasure are clearly disproportionate.

We are still dancing, aren't we?

Slipknot - Psychosocial

Time to dance like nobody's watching:

Faith No More - Evidence

My lovely colleages surprised me with a birthday gift so tomorrow my revenge will be sweet.

I guess a personal hand-written note seems appropriate: "Get fat or die trying".

°Public Image Ltd - (This Is Not A) Love Song (Live from Glastonbury 2013)°

From the comments:
"came here half expecting this to be shite, actually blows the studio version out of the water."

My thoughts exactly.

"Meet the people who still use Myspace: 'It's given me so much joy'"

Straying through the overgrown remains of civilization after zombie apocalypse...

Firefox, Y R U so fast and good-looking?

(sorry for neglecting you for so long)

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I've never worked so hard and so consistently on a side project before. It feels great to have so much interest and feedback so early on! Thank you everyone, we will make PixelFed the next big fediverse alternative together ❤️

Froggy frog and the ducky bunch.

The hound agrees: it's too damn hot.

Short trip to Bavaria. So much traffic jam yesterday but this morning started with a swim in the local mini lake (Weiher) including a cannonball jump from the 1 m spring-board which is installed there. Now busy with playing with the local dog.

Didn't feel so well this week so I didn't move my ass as much as I wanted.
I didn't move so much this week no wonder that I didn't feel that well.

My brain: Just break the cycle, it isn't that hard.
Also my brain: Hold my beer.

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@encarsia GitHub is generally pretty stagnant, feature-wise. And as a company they could *definitely* benefit from a more developed HR department.

And lastly, MS has accrued much more good will from me over recent years compared to the olden days.

- WSL is cool
- vscode is a great editor; I consider it by far the best "modern" open source editor, and it gets tons of dev
- language server protocol has improved many dev ecosystems
- typescript

So I think they are much more in touch.

I just learned that in Germany June 2nd which happens to be today is "Organ donation" awareness day.

Time for action, everybody: donate an organ today!

I just saw these pictures from 1961 taken in different parts of south Germany

and these are some taken in 2014 when I visited some of these places like Dinkelsbühl and Rothenburg:
(yes, the album is called "Old stuff standing around in south Germany")