Company that provides works council seminars sends catalogue. Wait, not just one catalogue, no, one catalogue plus one for each board member.

Needless to say that at least half of the content is obsolete (pandemics and shit).

This is 6.375 kilograms of waste of resources (yes, I weighted it).

Cherry on top: DHL parcel sticker stating "GoGreen".

There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. 🚀

I searched through lists of endangered plants and could not find dill on any of them.
Disappointment of the day.

Had a bad night, bad sleep, bad dreams, disturbed by noises. Half of my workday is done, the rest is dedicated to some works council administration work.

I want to be at home.

My top 4 use cases for :

(4) Read notification that a contact is now on Telegram.

(3) Chat with the two people who actually use Telegram.

(2) Consume stupid content from meme channels.

(1) Share links to Saved Messages to save for later or read/watch on the desktop.

Hooray, we made it to the next day.

Berlin is healing, the AirBnB party expats are returning...

Imagine you returned to your cave, have a plate of warm food on your lap and turn on the TV. Channel surfing you stop at a local niche channel that is - I kid you not- broadcasting a D&D board game.

This is strange, and also boring.

The dreads guy just found a papyrus role in a drawer and ear woman is trying to decipher what's written on it.

Such suspense.

Wow, the end of Plinkett's Picard review left me more emotionally moved than any production of the last 10 years.

I'm done with it. Over and out.

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The cupboards are fine but the flooring is damaged, the walls need some fresh paint, the fridge is ages old and the dishwasher is still out of order.

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Rearranging stuff in the apartment again because kitchen requires some serious renovation. ⚒️

Maybe we get away with a black eye for now; is down to 20 new cases (3.8m inh.), my district (330k inh.) down to zero for the first time.

People are unreasonable. Over at Twitter I often read about the dangers of exiting.

But what are the alternatives?

People who almost seem to wish for a massive second wave hit just for the 'told you so' moment don't realize the social powder keg that is being trapped at home, loss of earnings, fear for the future and uncertainty plus boredom is.

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