You all know my stance on drinking pickle juice (hint: it's delicious).

Now here comes a new one:
Do you drink the water from tuna cans?

There will be aioli in my dinner, I'm going to wear a mask at work anyway.

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It's Sunday and that means a walk on the wild side...of the canal. I will continue taking these photos so I can make a nice GIF one day soon. #berlin #canal

I may go to the outside to assure myself that it has the awesome resolution today as rumours say it has.

So Fedi, how about some catch-up of the last events while I was out there saving the holy economy?

It's gin and vermouth time. Well, the glass is almost empty so time's up I guess...

Alice, Alice, who the bot is Alice? 🎵🎶

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If you are receiving DMs from someone called "AliceXXX" with links, please don't click on the link!

Report them by clicking on "..." below the message, and also select the option to forward the report to the home instance.

#Spam #Fediverse

Where have all the vapers gone? 🎶🎵

First hibiscus flower appeared, I therefore declare this spring season open.

Much of the crossroads has been ripped open for water pipes maintenance or whatever for two weeks now.
They are working on it. Hmmkay.

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Using Scribus to update a flyer for an annual event (I am part of the organization team).

Thanks, I still hate it.

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Fedi, assemble!

I am looking for a timer app that speaks to me. The intended purpose is telling me the remaining duration of a set timer every x minutes instead of bleeping at me.

Does this exist and what is its name?

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Reading my Fedi timeline I won the weather lottery for, I reached an overall low :blobrainbow:

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