Hey people, have you noticed that we've got the Dash to Dock extension back? \o/


shower thought, morbid edition 

There will be a moment when that picture of you is taken which will be displayed at your funeral and neither you nor the person taking the picture will know it.

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Been driving through the nation back and forth for the past two days to say goodbye. Was worth it but now it's over.

Caveman who doesn't reassign or deactivate caps lock key.

potato harvest. I didn't expect much so I'm fine with the outcome. Will probably try again next year.

Peanut puffs, a bottle of the favourite carbonated mate beverage and the latest RLM video. Have a nice evening, Fedi.

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So eine große Auswahl – da werd ich ganz sortimental...

Unintenionally I cut my household's electricity consumption by 20 percent during the last year.

I wish it were as easy as that for calorie intake...

Here's some honey for your ears: Queens of the Stone Age live at Glastonbury 2011


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Oh flock!

Twitch.tv got leaked. Like, the entire website; Source code with comments for the website and various console/phone versions, refrences to an unreleased steam competitor, payouts, encrypted passwords that kinda thing.
Might wana change your passwords.


Python 3.10:
Is released.

Voice with French accent:
4 hours later...

Arch users:
Where package?

Summer is over, time to make some cleanup before the heavy rains set in again...

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Jalapeño sunrise from the in my pasta sauce today.

I lost some red peppers to the birds. Too bad for them I love green peppers...

This infecting has many names such as 'corn smut' or 'Mexican truffles'. It looks bizarre and despite of the instinct of staying the hell away from fungal infestation on some regard it a delicacy.

I personally haven't dared to give it a try so this impressive yield reducing specimen on this photo is still doing well on that plant.

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Hi fediverse, I'm working on findmymastodon.com to help people find their Mastodon home. It's still a WIP, but ideas and suggestions are most welcome.



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