Which future did The Simpsons predict for me?

Fedi, assemble!

I am looking for a timer app that speaks to me. The intended purpose is telling me the remaining duration of a set timer every x minutes instead of bleeping at me.

Does this exist and what is its name?

Cooking soup with the old Slavic saying in mind: never forget the bay leaf.

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It wasn't so bad after all, even constructive and mediating, but I have definitely done speaking for today.

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It's Tuesday and that means my main work activities will be works council related.
Today there are waiting some issues to be discussed with the boss and one of the department heads who is an approachable guy but generally avoids any change (many coworkers also say work...) so this is going to be an exhausting (not in the good way) day.

Have yourselves a nice Tuesday, Fedi.

Somebody in the neighbourhood wants to get insurance money...

I recently learnt about ASMR YouTubers in a radio feature and the whispering and slow talking and noises are creepy and annoying af - people really like this?

Why is nobody on Fedi complaining about Clubhouse? You nerds didn't get any invites, did you?

Are cats as useless as they look on all these pictures?

call a person on landline, phone keeps ringing

receive message "I'm on the loo"


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[DE] Blog-Post. Weil in letzter Zeit häufiger gefragt wurde, hab ich da was aufgeschrieben zum Thema, wie man Leute auf Mastodon findet.

[EN] Blog post in German about how to start finding interesting profiles to follow on Mastodon. Translation might follow.


So, has everybody eventually learnt from history not to feed the damn trolls?

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2019 - avoid negative people
2020 - avoid positive people
2021 - avoid people

coffee snob: look at my fancy all-in-one machine weighing a ton and worth a new car and on Sundays I brew vintage filter coffee but the water has to come from a French glacier and the filter tissue must be handcrafted by some old Highland ladies in a hut.


Why do people record themselves ranting and lamenting while driving?

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