Bike tour was canceled because I had to drive the man to the hospital. I know to behave so I don't dare to complain about my ruined day but still...I'm such an arsehole...😈

Hey car2go,

I have not used your service for approximately four years now and I do not plan to do so in the near future.

Stop sending me e-mails to update my payment and license data in a three day interval - this is annoying and I won't do it anyway or even consider to use this service ever again.

You only make things worse!


So I reactivated this YouTube account that I once intended to use for a project I then abandoned after two videos.
Today after uploading a new creation weighing 1.6 GB and YouTube processing it they decided that IT IS TOO LONG?

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[Poll] Let's do a wisdom-of-the-crowd experiment.

If we were to choose a random answer among four, each of them would get ~25% of the votes.

But are we able to distribute our votes according to the percentages shown below? (If you can't see them, they are 5, 10, 25, and 60%.)

Don't cheat by using your alt accounts :blobamused: Boosts are welcome!

expectations: a glorious death for that entitled, unlikeable, blonde lady with flying deus ex machina.

I just mixed some lemon ice tea into my Club Mate while zapping between Point Break and other bad TV programmes typical for Sundays and I think it's time for some drinks based on this:

Ice tea + Mate = the Johnny Utah
Ice tea + Mate + gin + lime = the Bodhi
Ice tea + Ginger Mate + gin + ? = the Gary Busey/Boozey

I was advised to take care of Pingu by my nephew while he was dancing with heart and soul. So Pingu and me got a little jingled last night on my cousin's birthday party.

5 years ago I visited Berlin's abandoned amusement park Spreepark¹. The city bought back this property a year later and there have been discussions and plans how to use it but as this is the capital of incompetence here nothing has happened since.

Here are some more photos:


Today wasn't that bad. Nice weather, nice view on lake Wannsee and as usual a strange mix of people during the seminar.

Seminar instead of regular work this week (skill enhancement for the works council) for me - I'm not really in the mood yet but the 75 min bike commute will wake me up or exhaust me so I don't care...

Beverage testing time, everyone!

So Innocent Drinks has a new product line of unsweetened plant milk. I tried almond and hazelnut/rice:

Almond: pure taste, no bitterness, a bit watery.
Nice but will probably not buy again.

Hazelnut/rice: smooth, delicious taste, quite rich (72 kcal/100 ml).
Will probably buy again.

Price (Germany): 2,49 €/750 ml.

For my German followers:
Flasche nicht entsorgen, da ist Pfand drauf!!11

Welcoming the arrival of spring with a laughing and a crying eye: short-sleeved bike riding and pollen.

There is a sports event in the nearby region that traditionally cucumbers are produced in.

You get a medal with a tin gherkin and leaf in the end. Isn't that awesome?

Praise the cucumber!

I mean, the pickle experience is not complete without a mouthful of gherkin stock right out of the jar...

Cucumbers are way too underrated:

cucumber + cucumber (+salad stuff) = yay (slicing cucumber and gherkins)
cucumber turned to pickles = yay
cucumber + booze = yay
cucumber + spread = yay
cucumber + blender = yay

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