@nixy is hosting a D&D session at our place and this is my elf warlock’s guiding principle

selfies now cause fuck it I like my makeup (U-U ) 

The eyeshadow looks brighter cause I’m standing in direct sunlight like some sort of daywalker

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My boyfriend’s playing Skyrim for the first time and all I can think of is

all caps about Fate GO 


I just sat in a full lobby...for 2 minutes... just to get kicked back to the loadout screen...

another selfie cause I like how my hair turned out 

6 hours of sleep + post-wig hair = channeling my inner Ripley

Etymology of a synonym for masturbation my friend found, crazy bible shit, lewd joke 

selfie w/ eye contact 

Smol cozy grunge bun goes to church ☺️ I wish it was still sunny and warm like yesterday 😫

Got my physical copy of @MelloMakes ‘s tribute to Jet Set Radio, “Memories of Tokyo-To”, in the mail today 😍😍😍 this will probably be the only CD playing my car for the next month 🎶🎧🎮♥️

You're so
When you
💕 S M I L E 💕

‪Andrew made me do quadratics as we tried to figure out if our new couch could fit through the door. I gave up and used Wolfram in the end, I feel so defeated 😩‬

Organizing my desk/bags as part of my spring cleaning and I love these new washi tapes & sticky notes my bf’s mom gave me (*´∇`*)

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