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With the influx of I figured I’d do a re !

I’m Em/Emmy/Emily and I like to characters from and . My favorite series include Splatoon, Persona, Portal, MGS, Monogatari, and Free!

My degree is in biology, but I’m teaching myself front-end which is a speed 😋 but I have made a blog, which is linked in my bio!

I look forward to the new faces I’ll see in the fediverse ☺️

@nixy is playing Skyrim and we just watched a bear kill a dragon what the fuck

If you ever feel bad about your art just remember that the man who drew this had a successful career as a professional artist

Sigh.... Guess that's my excuse to pick up Pokémon Go again 🤷🏾‍♂️

Last night I fell asleep on the couch curled up with my giant Cthulhu plushie and my boyfriend couldn’t find me 😂

Beginner tip: marry a blacksmith for free swords.

Pro tip: marry many blacksmiths and get a whole poly-armory

@nixy is hosting a D&D session at our place and this is my elf warlock’s guiding principle

"The Treachery of Assumptions", Aukerman/Siegfried, 2018

selfies now cause fuck it I like my makeup (U-U ) 

The eyeshadow looks brighter cause I’m standing in direct sunlight like some sort of daywalker

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“Yeah, let’s just keep it casual for D&D night”
> puts on bright blue wig
> does full face makeup
> including blue eyebrows and smokey eye to match wig

*crashes through your wall* WE'VE UPDATED OUR PRIVACY POLICY

I told my boyfriend that the Carameldansen video turns 10 this year and I think I just saw his face go through every stage of grief at once

‪Currently cracking up over the idea of a Knowledge(Local) check like‬

‪*rolls a 2* “........was that Walgreens always there?”‬

‪Stay/Night Jason Todd: wants to be a hero, but his brasheness becomes a problem‬
‪TODD: unknown to death, nor known to life, cocky asshole, mastery of Gun‬
‪Flashpoint/Apocrypha Todd: Priest‬

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*Keeps sighing*
*Deflates like a balloon*
*Slips into the second dimension, still sighing*

Who would win?

💻 :chrome:
a big ol one
computer hongry boy

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