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So we always go to the doggy park around sunset - there are loads of huge trees there and the sun is always twinkling through them with lovely Golden Hour light so I figured tonight I'd try for some sunbursts - you need a high F-Stop but compensated with slow shutter speed and/or high ISO, and careful positioning, and it can be tricky.

So I'm fracking stoked that I got this DOUBLE SUNBURST. AAAAH


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Hey @green I'm finally reading that short story "Stories of Your Life" and it's so good! Linguists and aliens, thumbs up.

I just wrote some things down on my to-do list *after* they were finished just so I could cross them out.

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Subway announcement: "Good afternoon-morning, passengers..."

Not sure where the afternoon-morning thing came from but I like that they've switched from "ladies and gentlemen" to "passengers."

Happy new year.

Mastodon people, I really like you. Thanks for being you.

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A #meshnetwork spontaneously erupts in the US and helps connect #PuertoRico

“Today our phones don’t allow us to do what goTenna does [#Mesh], but we’re going to prove that they should be able to.”

#goTenna #redecentralize #indieweb

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Hello book worms,

We've got a Google doc up for book recommendations. Feel free to add books. How for as many books as you want but only vote for any given book once please.

#sffbookclub #bookclub #scifibookclub

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#PSA: I see so many good #toots on #Mastodon that won't reach their target audience found b/c their authors failed to sufficiently #hashtag them.

Remember to hashtag!

And not just one or two, but deep! This ain't #birdsite, you've got 500 characters! Don't just do #mastomusic or #music, include the band names! Every time a new hashtag is broken in, my #mastobunny binkys... ;)

We did the Iceland Christmas book thing. This is a total winner and basically redeemed Christmas for me.

Off to read my books...

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I have an X-Mas present for you all.

My first book - Off Leash is here at this link for free. No strings attached.

Includes a Mountain Lion equipped with a bucket of snark and squirrel who loves explosions far too much.

Aiii I ordered two GoTenna Mesh units and they're almost here.

Hooray! One week off of work. Two freelance projects and a bunch of other stuff I need to do, but still, it feels nice.

Dude and I decided we're doing the Iceland book gift thing for Christmas. Three books each. I'm excited.

This is Wolsey. He has mild cerebellar hypoplasia = he wobbles a bit. Eggs are his favorite snack.

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