I'm really enjoying it. Good combination of comic book + "here are the dangers of capitalism."

Dear Peaches would like a refill on the tuna pleeease

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you don't love Fridays you hate capitalism

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@DialMforMara Nice, thanks! I don't play Magic but cool nerds are always good :)

Related to this, what instances do you love?

I'm going to be trying out some new instances over the next few days--there are so many that sound cool!--so I'll probably be more confused than usual for a little while ;)

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Goodnight everyone. Thank you for all your posts today. I learn a lot from this place.

Okayyyyy now I'm never gonna be able to walk by Western Beef without thinking that.

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Hey, if you live in an area affected by Florence and you need help or even just good thoughts, call out!

We will find people to lift you up.


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