Dear Peaches would like a refill on the tuna pleeease

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Here's a cat-chin-scritching photo in case anyone needs it.

(It's been a long couple of days and this is about all I have to offer right now.)

(Okay that bit in parentheses sounds a little more dramatic than intended.)

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Good .

(image: fluffy gray and white cat and less fluffy black and white cat napping happily on the floor)

Poooor got his nails trimmed today.

It took him a while to forgive me.

But now we're friends again.

Also here's doing his best "hey ladies" face. (image: lounging brown tabby cat with gorgeous green eyes)

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Foster cat update. He loves it when the other cats wash his head. In this photo, Wolsey is doing just that. Unfortunately Wolsey usually gets bored and starts chewing on his ears, and then a small battle ensues.

On a side note, I think being able to see the "big cats" acting perfectly at ease around humans has really helped foster cat get more comfortable with people interactions.

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