Hi. I have an question.
When I was little I would and and things - I was never great but it was a part of who I was. Now I'm grown up and I haven't created any art in ... decades? How can I get started again? I'm inspired by the work I see here on Mastodon. I want something to get me away from words, which I work with all day. I want to draw awesome feminists with snake-filled heads like that terrible Senate candidate from Missouri was ranting about. Etc. Ideas?


Any path is a good one. Doodles on paper are the start for some.

In my case it was the challenge to learn Inkscape which lead to small clipart which lead to making *daily* illustrations for a "Word of the Day" forum topic.

Nobody asked for it. Nobody approved it. Nobody needs to pay for it.

Still, my own lack of pencil-on-paper skills has not impeded my attempts to express myself in images.

Go ahead. Play and explore!

@Algot Thanks for the encouragement and connections!

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