Hi. I have an question.
When I was little I would and and things - I was never great but it was a part of who I was. Now I'm grown up and I haven't created any art in ... decades? How can I get started again? I'm inspired by the work I see here on Mastodon. I want something to get me away from words, which I work with all day. I want to draw awesome feminists with snake-filled heads like that terrible Senate candidate from Missouri was ranting about. Etc. Ideas?

@emily Get some pencils and some drawing paper and just draw shit. Accept that it's going to suck at first, and work on your technique. Read books on drawing, or take some basic art classes if you can afford it.

Above all, don't let anybody stop you.

@starbreaker Thank you. I think I'm trying to complicate something that's pretty straightforward. And I'm nervous about just starting.

@emily It's OK. I feel the same way about starting my next novel.

@emily Thanks. I have an idea for how it should go, but because it's a sequel there's a lot to consider.


Any path is a good one. Doodles on paper are the start for some.

In my case it was the challenge to learn Inkscape which lead to small clipart which lead to making *daily* illustrations for a "Word of the Day" forum topic.

Nobody asked for it. Nobody approved it. Nobody needs to pay for it.

Still, my own lack of pencil-on-paper skills has not impeded my attempts to express myself in images.

Go ahead. Play and explore!

@Algot Thanks for the encouragement and connections!

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