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Emily @emily@octodon.social

It's nice to open up Mastodon and see a whole bunch of pictures of cute cats.

Plural of rhinoceros can be rhinoceroses or rhinoceros or rhinoceri. Merriam-Webster is very flexible on this one.

Tomorrow is Friday. Happy neeeeearly Friday, everyone!

I am Autonomous by Annale Newitz and it's really good. But I also have 5 ebooks checked out via Overdrive and that's making me nervous.

I feel I'm at my best when I'm double-check scientific names of tortoise species.


Good night, all.

I hope everyone who needs it gets some good quality sleep.

Also here's doing his best "hey ladies" face. octodon.social/media/6vnVWzBoL (image: lounging brown tabby cat with gorgeous green eyes)

Yeah yeah yeah happy weekend! Which is gonna be as busy as my regular week because of freelance work. But still. Feels nice.

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What a day. I ran on frozen (but not icy) trails with two new friends. I vacuumed. I did laundry. I took a nap. I petted foster cat a lot (and he purred a lot). I think that's enough for one day.

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I'm The Geek Feminist Revolution by Kameron Hurley and thoroughly enjoying it. It's a collection of essays in , , , and related things. The only problem is that she keeps mentioning OTHER books and authors that I haven't read, so my list is ballooning again!

Foster cat update. He loves it when the other cats wash his head. In this photo, Wolsey is doing just that. Unfortunately Wolsey usually gets bored and starts chewing on his ears, and then a small battle ensues.

On a side note, I think being able to see the "big cats" acting perfectly at ease around humans has really helped foster cat get more comfortable with people interactions.


Foster cat luuuuvs playing with mouse toys. He's going back and forth between three of them right now. I wish I had a picture but it's dark in here and he's gray and the mice are gray so just imagine a happy gray stripey cat making "mrrrrr" noises and pouncing on toy mice.

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hello welcome to Amazon, we are extremely normal and humans, 20% of our workers are on food stamps, our drivers arent allowed to eat, please work for us and enjoy fabulous benefits such as: The Orbs

Foster cat update: he's cute and I'm pretty sure he knows it. octodon.social/media/4Pp4k1Jla

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Hi. I have an question.
When I was little I would and and things - I was never great but it was a part of who I was. Now I'm grown up and I haven't created any art in ... decades? How can I get started again? I'm inspired by the work I see here on Mastodon. I want something to get me away from words, which I work with all day. I want to draw awesome feminists with snake-filled heads like that terrible Senate candidate from Missouri was ranting about. Etc. Ideas?