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The plan to migrate wlroots to is now in motion! We'll migrate next week.

The wlroots Vulkan renderer is now merged!

The motivation for this is:

- More optimization opportunities
- Allows compositors to use Vulkan if they want or need to

Note, this policy isn't against NVIDIA specifically, but against all proprietary drivers.

If it works, good for you. If it doesn't work, you're on your own. (We still accept patches, if they're not workarounds.)

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We're routinely sending patches to upstream and downstream projects like the kernel drivers, Mesa, GTK, Firefox, etc. This is only possible because they're open-source software.

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I want to re-iterate that just because NVIDIA supports GBM doesn't mean wlroots will officially support NVIDIA.

I welcome NVIDIA's move of implementing the standard APIs, it's a nice step forward. However, it's still closed source. That means not only developers are forced to install closed source software on their machine, but also that they work with a black box.

Moved to (it was on GitHub Pages). While at it I also removed all JS from it.

It doesn't handle multiple build manifests, nor mirror build logs. But that's planned.

The goal is to migrate Wayland-related projects to FreeDesktop's GitLab.

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I had a bug where sending "a", "!", ":", or "🐸" as an input event to Chromium would work, but sending "é", "#", or "α" would not.


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/me deep into a mix of Chromium, X11 and input method editors debugging session

Maybe I should reconsider my life choices.

The FCM integration is disgusting, but:

- At least it's encrypted…
- Pretty much required to end up with a consensus on the spec I'm afraid.

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