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@vyivel Hi! We're discussing about the wlroots surface state on IRC, would you mind joining the -devel channel?

(If desirable, I can provide an IRC bouncer account, if you don't have one.)

For those wondering -- yes, gamescope will be the compositor for the Steam Deck. Not that gamescope is limited to just that use-case, but it's cool to see it shipped by default like this. :)

Alright, I think I fixed all known wlroots 0.14.0 regressions. Some were pretty tricky. 0.14.1 coming soon!

Oh, someone is working on adding VA-API support to crocus (via Gallium). That's great, the Intel VA-API drivers are such a mess.

Fun fact, Freenode owns Of course, redirects to

Seems like I managed to make some DRM proponents think that DRM stands for Digital Restrictions Management. Apparently they're not aware of the original intended meaning.

It's quite annoying when people use the term "secure" to refer to Digital Restriction Management mechanisms. A "secure buffer" is not a good way to describe a buffer that cannot be read by the user. "Protected buffer" is slightly better but still a bit misleading.

I've suggested "user-hostile buffer", but not sure how other people will like it :P

Apparently one of my discussions on the kernel mailing list has been featured on LWN :3

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