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Seems like I managed to make some DRM proponents think that DRM stands for Digital Restrictions Management. Apparently they're not aware of the original intended meaning.

It's quite annoying when people use the term "secure" to refer to Digital Restriction Management mechanisms. A "secure buffer" is not a good way to describe a buffer that cannot be read by the user. "Protected buffer" is slightly better but still a bit misleading.

I've suggested "user-hostile buffer", but not sure how other people will like it :P

Apparently one of my discussions on the kernel mailing list has been featured on LWN :3

Correction: acquire_drm_display not yet merged, but I'll press the big green button in a day or two

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New shiny Vulkan extensions (EXT_acquire_drm_display, EXT_physical_device_drm) and new shiny Vulkan driver (PanVK) merged this morning in Mesa :)

Coder Gears keeps spamming me about their proprietary CppDepend tool. It's so freaking annoying.

No, I don't need your dumb software. No, a free license won't convince me. No, I won't send you my phone number. And no, I won't ever put your shitty logo on Sway's website to thank you for all that.

From a xorg-xserver review

"as a general rule, whenever something looks nice and consistent in the x server tree, you're probably missing something ;)"

Joshua Ashton has written his first Wayland protocol extension to help with Vulkan getting blocked when presenting a new buffer on a hidden surface. Glad how it came out! (I've been helping on the side.)

And that's the reason why I didn't want to write GitLab CI templates.

Naive patch that doesn't use CI templates: +104
CI templates patch: +1257

I've written a soju script for WeeChat. No need to manually add new servers anymore: for each network the bouncer is connected to, the script will automatically add a new WeeChat server.

Great… Instead of helping out with standardizing protocols, Chromium is just adding support for GNOME-specific APIs.

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#GCC does away with the requirement for copyright assignments to the FSF:

I think it’s a wise decision in this day and age. 👍


Observation: collapsing may be designed so that it doesn't loose information. Hiding will always loose information.

Whether that lost information is useful or not is the main question here.

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In your IRC client, do you prefer:

1. Part/join/quit messages to be collapsed together?
2. Part/join/quit messages to be hidden unless the user has recently talked? (like described in

Does (2) fail for some use-cases?

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