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Disappointed by Arch. Tried to explain a problem to them with a Wayland package, and the maintainer has just been going on with "lalalala I know better than upstream".

In today's episode of "life sucks thanks to Firefox": Firefox assumes the compositor will release shm buffers immediately. Of course this cannot be relied upon, this is completely compositor implementation-defined. KWin doesn't do it for instance.

The Firefox "fix" is to detect KWin via XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP and blit buffers in this case. Brilliant.

The Pixman software renderer has been merged into wlroots!

There's still a lot of optimization work to be done, and it doesn't yet work with the DRM backend, but it's a good first step :)

First image of glxgears running under KWinFT with its WIP wlroots backend

> Read old wlroots issues
> Find a 3 year old comment of mine
> It asks a question about GBM that doesn't make any sense

What a fool I was.

This is cool because (1) less tricky code to maintain in wlroots + single code-path (2) better support for our non-systemd users (3) we can share all of this goodness with other Wayland compositors

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wlroots has dropped all of its session code in favor of libseat!

Next up is Weston, it got initial support for libseat a few days ago.

Hrm, C++ has made its way into Mesa for some reason. Now compilation is super slow.

It directly deals with VkImage (individual frames), seems to be zero-copy, and can integrate well with the existing extensions for DMA-BUFs, format modifiers and explicit synchronization

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Contributing to libva is… painful. Been trying to convince them over and over again that they should handle format modifiers like all other existing APIs, because people actually took some effort designing these APIs.

But they keep insisting: "we have no clue how modifiers work but they should work like we think they work".

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