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Hrm, Mesa CI has so many false-positives. It's basically a game of submitting MRs to disable tests and trying again until passes.

More exciting gamja progress

(Multi-network support with tight integration with the bouncer)

Yokomin's new WIP song

(They accept album purchases/donations by e-mail/PayPal if you want to support them)

Gah, Sphinx really doesn't make it easy to contribute documentation to the kernel. I couldn't even figure out how to link to a section on another page.

At least it's not DocBook…

Fun fact: this cat is in fact the official wlroots logo

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bl4ckb0ne managed to display radioactive cats with the WIP Pixman renderer for wlroots

Cheapest way to ship something to Mars is to contribute to Linux or ffmpeg:

Status update, February 2021

A little late, because I've been drowned in more urgent work.

Just built a small tool to try KMS configurations:

Can be useful to figure out what your favorite display hardware supports.

Apparently "I don't think D-Bus is the best choice" means "D-Bus is shit".

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I've been trying to get in touch with the Flatpak folks, they are so aggressive. It's actually pretty scary.

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I realized that wlroots (with its à-la-carte helpers) sidesteps completely the "midlayer mistake" some other compositor libraries have made. Interesting LWN article about it:

And the Daniel Vetter article that led me here:

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