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The last two Nouveau bugs I've reported turned out to be wlroots bugs. And a Nouveau developer tracked them down.

Sorry for wasting Nouveau developer time ;_;

BTW, my dmenu replacement on Wayland is just a terminal with fzf:

Make it a launcher with:

dmenu_path | menu | xargs swaymsg exec

Have you considered using the Y0L0 pixel format?

/* [63:0] A3:A2:Y3:0:Cr0:0:Y2:0:A1:A0:Y1:0:Cb0:0:Y0:0 1:1:8:2:8:2:8:2:1:1:8:2:8:2:8:2 little endian */
DRM_FORMAT_Y0L0 fourcc_code('Y', '0', 'L', '0')

Submitted my first Nouveau patch today. Some thoughts:

Nouveau folks have helped a lot. Definitely couldn't have figured it out without them <3

NVIDIA hardware was also pretty helpful. Instead of displaying garbage like you'd expect, it errors out and allows the driver to print what state changes caused the error.

If anyone's interested… The Intel mesa team is hiring.

Worked on drmdb today. The device view now has a bunch of links in it, and some buttons to hide objects you're not interested in:

I wonder if some kind of syntax highlighting would be nice as well, at least for properties.

Maybe this can be mitigated with proper scoping and expiration of these DNS entries. But we're still ways off a proper widely-supported DNS update protocol.

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Hm, not super thrilled about TLS Encrypted Client Hello requiring the public key to be published to the DNS... We'll really end up with ACME clients that *need* write access to the DNS zone.

The new NVIDIA patches for hw-accelerated Xwayland only use standard APIs (DMA-BUFs), stop using EGLStreams. This still doesn't address the buffer allocation issue, but is a step forward!

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