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Maybe this can be mitigated with proper scoping and expiration of these DNS entries. But we're still ways off a proper widely-supported DNS update protocol.

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Hm, not super thrilled about TLS Encrypted Client Hello requiring the public key to be published to the DNS... We'll really end up with ACME clients that *need* write access to the DNS zone.

The new NVIDIA patches for hw-accelerated Xwayland only use standard APIs (DMA-BUFs), stop using EGLStreams. This still doesn't address the buffer allocation issue, but is a step forward!

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I think something important which distinguishes a prolific FOSS contributor from someone who isn't, in the context of marketable skills, is the ability to quickly dive into a new codebase and familiarize yourself with it enough to be productive. Many of the FOSS developers I know can be writing useful patches within hours or even tens of minutes of their first exposure to a codebase.

If someone's wondering what's the right kernel tree to use when writing amdgpu patches:

git remote add agd5f git://
git checkout agd5f/drm-next

I always forget it when I stop working on amdgpu for a while.

Started a wiki page about VRR setups and issues w/ Sway:

If you happen to have a VRR screen, feel free to add an entry!

It turns out sending a closed FD via XCB doesn't fail. The other side (X.Org server) just receives a random FD number, which I think by chance referred to an unrelated FD which was opened.

But why was I sending a closed FD via XCB in the first place? It turns out sending a FD via XCB also closes it. So it worked fine the first time, and caused the bug the second time.

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