@wolf480pl You can't restart the TLS handshake without closing the connection.

@wolf480pl @lanodan TLS state is relevant for the "pass FDs and serialize state" case: often times TLS state can't be serialized.

@wolf480pl Long-lived TCP connections often have state. Restoring state may be annoying and require multiple roundtrips.

Correction: acquire_drm_display not yet merged, but I'll press the big green button in a day or two

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New shiny Vulkan extensions (EXT_acquire_drm_display, EXT_physical_device_drm) and new shiny Vulkan driver (PanVK) merged this morning in Mesa :)

Coder Gears keeps spamming me about their proprietary CppDepend tool. It's so freaking annoying.

No, I don't need your dumb software. No, a free license won't convince me. No, I won't send you my phone number. And no, I won't ever put your shitty logo on Sway's website to thank you for all that.

From a xorg-xserver review

"as a general rule, whenever something looks nice and consistent in the x server tree, you're probably missing something ;)"

@wolf480pl @norm That would be weird, since both soju and The Lounge would act as a bouncer

@lynne This doesn't really change how the protocol works, it's just a hint for clients. Everything still works like before except there's a new hint.

Joshua Ashton has written his first Wayland protocol extension to help with Vulkan getting blocked when presenting a new buffer on a hidden surface. Glad how it came out! (I've been helping on the side.)


@czero1 Yeah. The goal is to decommission non-Gallium drivers (move them in another repo/branch).

And that's the reason why I didn't want to write GitLab CI templates.

Naive patch that doesn't use CI templates: +104
CI templates patch: +1257


@josealberto4444 The missing things for a release are mostly fixing outstanding bugs [1].

Unfortunately I don't have time for mrsh, and won't have in the foreseeable future... Shells are too complicated, fish is too comfy.

[1]: github.com/emersion/mrsh/issue

I've written a soju script for WeeChat. No need to manually add new servers anymore: for each network the bouncer is connected to, the script will automatically add a new WeeChat server.


Great… Instead of helping out with standardizing protocols, Chromium is just adding support for GNOME-specific APIs.


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