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Imagine doing this and then thinking you're the good guys.


Are we going to talk about the fact that official reports from the European Parliament are openly (and approvingly) talking about implementing their own version of the Great Firewall of China?


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If you like #xmonad but would like to have some #Wayland goodness in your life: The #Waymonad project is looking for a new maintainer. #haskell

@bugaevc @raichoo DRM/GBM/libinput could be made optional pretty easily. The dependency on EGL is a hard one right now but it's getting worked on.

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"How do I get started contributing to open source? What are some good entry-level tasks to work on?"

These are questions I am often asked, so here's the answer for everyone to read:

Scratch your own itches. Find bugs that are causing you problems, conspicuously missing features you would find useful, and implement them - in literally any free/open-source software you're using. Don't worry about not being familiar with the codebase or programming language or whatever, just solve one problem at a time.

Try this: next time you go to report a bug, report it, and immediately start working on a patch which fixes the problem.

Scratching your own itches is the best source of motivation and maximizes your productivity.

Often that means not contributing to my projects at all, if you're asking how to get started with a specific project. Maybe you like it because it's flawless 😉 (hah!), in which case it wouldn't need your help anyway. Go fix something which is bugging you in another project. Spread the contributor wealth around and eventually it'll come back to my projects, too.

@khardix Thanks for the feedback, will do for the next RC!

@Arteneko No idea. Only way to know is to test I guess. wev would tell.

I haven't mentioned it in the release notes, but with Sway 1.5 also comes input fixes (better touch/tablet support, smoother window moving/resizing) and a revamped DRM backend (less glitches, leas black screens).

These less shiny changes will greatly contribute to the quality of the release IMHO!

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‪my final update before the end of the campaign (~ 40 hours left). this one has a bunch of pictures of making Reform beta devices:

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free and open source music composition software now with ~design~. amazing!

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Update on the MNT Reform campaign is out, in which I give a quick intro to etnaviv reverse engineering and hacking on graphics problems with the example of KiCAD:

@bortzmeyer Les enregistrements SRV, c'est la vie ❤

Dommage que les clients e-mails les supportent mal et aient chacun leur solution non-standard...

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