Really hope AMD can gain support for DRM modifiers sometime soon. This would unlock cool stuff like non-broken Vulkan DMA-BUF import (be it by compositors or ffmpeg or anything else).

@carl The website is a little bit confusing, it's UTC+2

@mort SOme NVIDIA engineers have contributed to nouveau in the past, and James Jones has been trying to fix these allocator issues for years.

"assert everywhere" → strong agree

Better to fail hard when something's wrong/missing/unimplemented rather than fail in subtle, hard-to-debug ways.

Pretty funny how every single Phoronix article gets something wrong.

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XDC 2020 begins tomorrow, and I'll be giving a talk about buffer constraints with James Jones from NVIDIA. Please join us!

Simon Ser boosted project hub now has tags, thanks to ha6's latest patch

@wolf480pl (Ofc wouldn't cover all use cases since some people will want wildcard certs without setting up wildcard DNS records, but would be a good start)

@wolf480pl Sounds a bit risky, but interesting idea nonetheless.

I wonder if it would be possible to require a wildcard DNS record. e.g. if I have "* CNAME", then would a HTTP or TLS-ALPN challenge for be enough?

@sir It's easy to check: faulty capacitors have a bump at the top

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