@wolf480pl Well, that's an intrinsic issue with Web Push. IRC servers have rate limiting, and Web Push standards describe some rate limiting techniques as well.

The FCM integration is disgusting, but:

- At least it's encrypted…
- Pretty much required to end up with a consensus on the spec I'm afraid.

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I personally don't rely on push notifications too much, but I know the lack of push notification support for IRC is a huge deal for some, so I've… hm… made this.

Let's see how it goes.



@bfiedler just C. With a fair amount of macros, see mac.h for instance ;)


Original Bourne shell implementation:


I'm sorry for ruining your evening.

@vyivel 1. Remove all action scenes from Evangelion
2. ???

@vyivel Ahah yeah, that was long before we had a clean Git history policy... Maybe digging the PR (the GitHub commit page links it) could help, but I guess it's not something we've thought too much about.

@bnjbvr Je considère toute réponse en Franglais comme complètement amateure. Choqué et déçu.

@bnjbvr Le drapeau "-l rs" permet d'activer le mode Rust.

@vyivel Hm so it can't be issues with texture upload. It goes away with -Ddamage=rerender right?

@vyivel Ah, I see. Do you have WebRender with OpenGL enabled?

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