If anybody's wondering how to setup a demo for a talk about KMS...

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I'm back from Corsica! Was difficult but was worth it :P

Trying to get a working multi-GPU system up. Turns out my motherboard wasn't designed with this use-case in mind.

I've been working on an experimental libliftoff-based compositor:


Today I did some power usage measurements. Without using hardware planes (ie. current wlroots), the compositor uses 550mW. With hardware planes (libliftoff), the compositor uses 300mW.

This is a win!

freedesktop.org outage :S

I'm a little bit sad "cool Wayland compositors" isn't in this list.

Pro tip : ne vous appelez pas Ser, ça fait foirer les `grep` !

Rare sight of a rpi3 with its vc4 driver showing all of its hardware planes

I've been hacking on Sommelier this morning. With some hacks, here's Firefox running via Sommelier on a Xwayland-less Sway.

This is what my multi-GPU setup looks like with wlroots. Intel iGPU + AMD eGPU via ExpressCard. Still needs some work: these stripes are supposed to be a terminal window. Getting there!

"Anime fans, free food on Sunday"
Looks like I missed a NYC weeb event


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