"--my-next-gpu-wont-be-nvidia" 😂
I love aptly named configuration options 👌


The terminal emulator in the default config file has been changed to foot.


@mariusor @Truck @emersion I've known for a while, but I guess now it's official :)

@craftyguy @emersion i really like the pr. credit where due.

nvidia is still a shit show of proprietary drivers it feels like & sucks. but at least they're just a regular unsupported shit show driver, & not unsupported AND an evil machinating shitmachine pushing their own alternative.

i absolutely think this PR is a 100% perfect indicator of how open soure should interact with the un-free world. they ratched down their sliminess considerably (still not great but ok), & we respond a bit in kind.

this pr is perfect. it is a case study in open source. it should go down in the history books. we still should not buy their gpus but it's just regular-grade evil now.

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