Wrote a small tool to migrate GitHub issues to SourceHut

@emersion nice.

FYI you might be interested in the #activitypub #fedeproxy project by @dachary that wants to facilitate much more of these capabilities..

It will probably use #forgefed + AP extensions under the hood (here #gofed offers a Golang impl that #gitea may use in an integration or plugin)

@humanetech @dachary I don't really think ActivityPub is a good idea for software forges.

@emersion @humanetech @dachary We need a better way to do that but for now ForgeFed is the more advanced thing

@eragon @emersion

It boils down that if #activitypub is a hammer, then not everything becomes a nail, i.e. use it where it shines.

(though most people mistakenly think AP is mostly for microblogging, because that's the dominant application domain it is used in now)

@dachary and others in the #FedeProxy community have some very nice ideas on where to use which technology.

Discussions are on

@emersion @humanetech

I agree 👍 #ActivityPub is no good as a transport to synchronize data repositories (which forges are).


I disagree 👎 ActivityPub is perfect to be notified when there is activity on a forge and #forgefed is way to express what happened.

When thinking about #forge #federation both are needed.

This is explained in more details in a 6 minutes video published last month in the context of @fedeproxy.

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