Joshua Ashton has written his first Wayland protocol extension to help with Vulkan getting blocked when presenting a new buffer on a hidden surface. Glad how it came out! (I've been helping on the side.)

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@emersion Really not a fan of how this entirely changes how the protocol works, especially now of all times. It's a hack, and Vulkan has nothing to do with it.

@lynne This doesn't really change how the protocol works, it's just a hint for clients. Everything still works like before except there's a new hint.

@emersion @lynne
did Wayland ever rely on blocking for flow control / synchronization?

@emersion It lets clients bypass the compositor control. It's not a hint, and if it is a hint, it'll quickly become a mandatory feature as clients start to depend on it. it'll be an easy way to port rendering loops to Wayland, after all.
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