@emersion so someone from RedHat rewrote intel drivers on top of gallium because Intel didn't want to use gallium in their own drivers?

@wolf480pl @emersion it's for older GPUs that aren't supported in the Iris gallium driver.

@craftyguy @emersion oh, so intel did end up moving to gallium afterall, but onky for newer GPUs?

@wolf480pl @emersion Yeah, everything from broadwell and newer can use a gallium driver called "iris". That was made the default GL driver in Mesa for Intel stuff over a year ago, IIRC (replacing i965 for those newer GPUs). Crocus is for everything else that still has to use i965 (i.e haswell and older)

@emersion so, from what I understand, they want to simplify and unify mesa codebase by using gallium for older GPUs? (I happen to own such laptop btw)

@czero1 Yeah. The goal is to decommission non-Gallium drivers (move them in another repo/branch).

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