In your IRC client, do you prefer:

1. Part/join/quit messages to be collapsed together?
2. Part/join/quit messages to be hidden unless the user has recently talked? (like described in

Does (2) fail for some use-cases?

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Observation: collapsing may be designed so that it doesn't loose information. Hiding will always loose information.

Whether that lost information is useful or not is the main question here.

@jordan31 That's the easy answer. I'm trying to figure out a good default. If you could only choose one, which would it be?

@wolf480pl Well… This is the problem I want to fix:

Sometimes these really clutter the discussion, especially in high-traffic channels.

Collapsing doesn't need to be lossy, FWIW.

Can you explain why you want them to be always visible? In which situations is this useful?

@emersion so first of all I didn't really feel the problem, because I mostly pay attention to channels with few people. (I may sit in larger channels but I ignore them most of the time).

Also, I don't have joins/parts in my ZNC replay, so I don't really see joins/parts from the past, only the ones that are happening when I'm there.

I guess collapsing could work but I'd like it to have some threshold below which it doesn't collapse.

@emersion so eg. if up to 4 people leave, show them separately, but the moment 5th person leaves collapse the whole 5 lines into a single line or sth.

@wolf480pl Why is that? The same info would be displayed, but consuming less space if collapsed.

@emersion because I want to notice that more people are leaving and see timestamps and so on.

@wolf480pl Not sure how "collapsing after N messages" is helping with that TBH.

FWIW, here's where I'm at right now.

@emersion yeah I'd like to be able to expand it and see each part's reason and timestamp

@emersion i said "collapsed", but in truth what i do is filter them entirely in weechat and occasionally use the hotkey to toggle filters if i need to see them for some reason.

what i _want_ is for joins/parts not to be displayed in-band in the channel. a separate pane or something i can toggle would be ideal.

@emersion Pidgin supports (2) but doesn't explain how it works with joins.
But it seems to work well so 🤷

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