Fresh Wayland rant 

@emersion Drew's public-inbox will probably explode with angry comments soon

Fresh Wayland rant 

@yerinalexey @emersion his mail box must be used to this 😅

Fresh Wayland rant 

@emersion Surprisingly, it didn't happen. Only one email saying it was a good rant. Hmmm..

Fresh Wayland rant 

@emersion I'll agree with you that yelling at maintainers is an absolutely awful thing to do and is totally unacceptable.
I think part of the reason you see this though is that people keep getting told Wayland is a replacement for X11. By design Wayland will never replace much of what X did. There are also a number of design trade offs where the downsides are more or less unacknowledged. Compositing is a big one: many use cases are very latency sensitive, many users would much rather have tearing than wait a frame or two for updates.

The distros making Wayland the default before it was ready didn't help either. There are lots of "I don't want to think about configs so I'll just run Ubuntu" people that I know who have actually gone through the trouble of installing an X11 DE just to get most of their apps working without hassle again. It's not that they don't work in Wayland, but they don't work well with the default configuration *today* which is what the "I don't know or care how it works" group of people get so upset over.


I have been using wayland/sway for a month without any issues. Sure I needed to read the docs to set some things working initially, but after that things have been working smoothly.

@emersion Sway is awesome - was using it for a year on my personal computer and I missed it so much I just installed it on my work computer yesterday. Works much better than i3.

Thank you for all that you do.
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