"I'll just test wlroots master on this Rockchip board" has gone from "let me find a power supply" to "alright time to compile Mesa I guess".

Debian on ARM and its outdated user-space can be very frustrating.

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If someone struggles to find an ARM image with user-space that doesn't come from the last century, there are a bunch of random Manjaro images here:

At least it's better than nothing…

There are even some images called "sway" in here.

@emersion When you're talking about "Debian user space", your mean the softwares available from Debian repositories, or am I getting it wrong ?

@emersion I love works really well on my boards

@emersion Do not call Debian outdated until you've tried the unstable repos.

@lynne Yeah, I know that it isn't that bad with unstable repos. I thought I wouldn't be able to enable it because it's using third-party repos and not really Debian upstream, but let's try…

@emersion I've done it on an odroid before it went with upstream kernels.
As long as you don't upgrade the kernel (if it's custom) and keep the headers (in case the blobs are using dkms) and don't touch uboot (because of course it needs one) then everything else should upgrade fine.
You can apt block packages to keep them from being upgraded.

"It isn't that bad" does it injustice, the packagers really know what they're doing.

Fedora aarch64 is not bad but there is only the rootfs and you have to provide the configuration for the bootloader.…

look at it that way:
It tries to minimize the external sources of change that affect your installation.

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