Started a wiki page about VRR setups and issues w/ Sway:

If you happen to have a VRR screen, feel free to add an entry!

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@emersion I’m trying to set it up but so far i can’t.

The radeon rx570 is freesync capable.
My monitor is freesync capable.
The setting in the monitor is on.
“cat /sys/class/drm/card0-DP-1/edid | edid-decode” shows that it can go from 40 to 60Hz on ultimate freesync setting (or 50 to 60Hz with the normal freesync setting)
“output DP-1 adaptive_sync on” in ~/.config/sway/config

But “swaymsg -t get_outputs” still says Adaptive sync : disabled.

I’m on amdgpu with a rx570 with libre drivers. Is there something else to do to enable it ?

@emersion Ok “00:00:00.952 [DEBUG] [backend/drm/drm.c:530] Failed to enable adaptive sync: connector ‘DP-1’ doesn’t support VRR”

So Display Port doesn’t support VRR :-/

@lord It should work... Is VRR enabled in the monitor settings?

@emersion Yes it is. I tried Off, Normal and Ultimate with no differences.

@emersion The monitor is plugged to the Display Port of the gpu but on the mini display port on the monitor. Could it the culprit ?

@emersion I tried with an old HDMI cable but i’m stuck to 4k @30Hz :-/

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