Join us for basu development:

- Doesn't require to think too hard
- Just delete large chunks code as long as it compiles
- The code you get to delete is terrible, so you'll sleep better afterwards
- Can be seen as payback for all of the bad code you've written during the day

Some doctors even recommend it!

@emersion So it's stripping the systemd dbus library to its minimal working code base?

Sounds fun, I'm in! Where do I start? 😄

@bfiedler Yup! Process is as follows:

- Pick a guinea pig, let's say src/basic/audit-util.c
- Check if the functions in it are actually used. e.g. `git grep use_audit`
- If not, delete them from the header and the source file. If they're used, see if the users can be removed.
- Send a PR (preferably one commit per trimmed-down file)

Rinse and repeat :P

@emersion systemd code is that bad? One would have thought they know what they are doing considering their status 🙃

@reto It contains SPARC assembly, InfiniBand-specific code, a file called "macro.h", a lot of glibc black magic like __register_atfork and __dso_handle, a custom memory pool, waiting for sockets to come up with inotify, obscure micro-optimizations with the stack, and of course a lot of bloat and unnecessary features.

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