>tested on: weston, sway, xfree86
>not on mutter


@emersion I wonder who ends up working on this. What knowledge is necessary, who do they work for, etc. How do you get started to work on this hum.

@tomleb @emersion
Still waiting for GFX8, because there's probably no chance of me buying a new GPU any time soon.

Oh, and CI failed, Marge Bot handed it back.

@kode54 GFX8 probably not happening soon, unless someone steps up…

Yeah, CI failed because of 32-bit, arm64 and ppc64 failures.

@emersion 32-bit? Not good, at least for anyone using multilib and running 32 bit games and/or Wine.

@kode54 eh, no worries, it's getting fixed and won't be merged before

@emersion I followed the merge request, I already saw it get merged after that other fix got merged first, making CI pass. Nice job.

@tomleb Bas is working for Google. Required knowledge for this particular MR is very high, but Bas basically wrote RADV from scratch, so hey. You'd probably start with something smaller: enabling a new OpenGL/Vulkan ext in Mesa, fixing a bug you've hit while using it, writing a small improvement in the driver…

@emersion That seems so out of reach. I wonder if there are entry level job for this, or it's only available for expert that already knows this stuff

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