If anybody's wondering how to setup a demo for a talk about KMS...

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(Gray laptop captures a video of black laptop's screen, and streams it over the network to a player running on my main machine.)

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@emersion nice talk! Now I'm curious about all kinds of non-trivial situations where all these extra objects and their properties that seemed like boilerplate turn out to be important.

@wolf480pl Thanks! Yeah, KMS is a little bit like OpenGL and Vulkan in that a lot of boilerplate is required to get the basic example running, but the more involved features need all of this extra stuff...

@wolf480pl At least the most basic "red screen" demo is "only" 200LoC. It just requires getting to know a lot of new concepts.

@emersion happy to learn I am not the only person using 24pt+ size font in the terminal

@smonff eh, I changed it only for the presentation! :P

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