I've spent the whole day trying to draw a red rectangle with Vulkan from scratch. The result is:

- No red rectangle
- GPU reset followed by a lockup of the kernel driver

@emersion Yeah, looks like amdgpu has really poor (or none) Vulkan error handling, and that seems to be the intended behavior… I have my old NVIDIA card plugged in alongside and I had to use that for Vulkan development, it basically never crashes.

@YaLTeR Yeah, this has been my experience with AMDGPU as well. The Intel drivers seem better engineered, but sadly I don't have a Vulkan-capable Intel machine yet.

@emersion I *have* had output from Vulkan, but heck it's a PITA. There's also not much protection - so for example if you try and draw off the side of a buffer you can get a PCIe error and if you get a shader in a loop it can get stuck.

@emersion Just one day? Here, have a paper medal.

@emersion The intel Vulkan driver seems much better, I don't had any kernel or gpu issues. AMD drivers are bad, that's sadly the truth I experienced in other ways before.

@bionade24 Yeah, that's my experience as well. Maybe I should invest in a Vulkan-capable Intel machine.

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