I liked Caddy v1, but v2 is annoying in a number of ways:

- TLS for localhost by default? Really? Who cares? Why do you want to install a CA on my machine?
- No reload on SIGUSR1? Is this feature _that_ complicated?
- Why would you nuke the v1 docs from the website?

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It is funny that Caddy 2 actually has provisions for actual configuration swap (the hard part) - it is a consequence of abstracted configuration loading that prevents an easy implementation of "just reload config on SIGUSR1". On runtime server simply does not know what the source config was and how to read it.


They completely discarded Caddy 1 without any intention to support it. I can see where that decision comes form but I still find it unprofessional to assume that users will just easily switch to Caddy 2 overnight.

I was unfortunate enough to build on caddy's plugins and now I am scratching head on how to make it work with Caddy 2 (, did not go well on first try, huh).

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