I haven't mentioned it in the release notes, but with Sway 1.5 also comes input fixes (better touch/tablet support, smoother window moving/resizing) and a revamped DRM backend (less glitches, leas black screens).

These less shiny changes will greatly contribute to the quality of the release IMHO!

@emersion Quick question, as someone with troubles in X11 for F-keys.

Do Wayland remaps the F13-F* keys to some custom keymaps, or are they still considered F13 etc?

Because on X11, my F19 key is unbound, my F20 key is mapped to microphone mute, etc...

@Arteneko No idea. Only way to know is to test I guess. wev would tell.

@emersion damn, now I'm gonna have to move to wayland to test

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