@emersion the second option sounds complex, and kinda like a workaround for a hardware bug

@emersion it'd be magnificent if it worked and worked well, but what about the failure modes?

Like, if something went wrong, you'd observe that
- your refresh rate dropa more than necessary
- it flickers anyway
- your refresh rate is high but only 51% buffer flips get a new frame from the app
- the delay from submitting a frame by app to displaying varies in a weird and noticable way

and you'd have no idea why it's happening

To be clear, you're the expert here, I'm just providing my gut feeling

@wolf480pl Not sure it'd be that noticeable. If you can change the refresh rate by 15Hz each frame it would only take a few frames to do the full range. Would need to experiment.

@wolf480pl Both options are workarounds really. The first one just pushes the workaround to the clients.

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