Follow outage :S

I'm a little bit sad "cool Wayland compositors" isn't in this list.

Note, if you need to access fd.o, you can do this:

echo '' | sudo tee -a /etc/hosts

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@emersion Looks more like someone forgot to pay for it and it expired and got "parked"

@minus yup, expired today and the person responsible for this is sleeping

@Wolf480pl @emersion Reminder to put certificate expiration checks for your domains in your monitoring

I do have cert expiration checks. But I don't have domain expiration checks yet...
Even though I'm not the one responsible for renewing domains at $work, such checks would be useful indeed.

@Wolf480pl Oh, brain fart. I don't actually have domain expiration checks anywhere either. Setting those up might be useful. Though they usually don't get renewed early, so it's not as easy to distinguish as with certificates.

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