This is what my multi-GPU setup looks like with wlroots. Intel iGPU + AMD eGPU via ExpressCard. Still needs some work: these stripes are supposed to be a terminal window. Getting there!

@loki Yeah, but it's cheesy asf because the bandwidth is very limited. Thunderbolt brings better performance.

@emersion true, but when all you have is an old thinkpad, it's still phenominal.

@emersion so you're implementing DRI PRIME in wlroots?

@Wolf480pl It was already implemented for ages, but has been broken multiple times. See

It really helps to have access to a multi-GPU setup to actually test things, even if it's as shitty as mine. :P

@emersion eh... wish I could help with my intel+nouveau laptop. But I don't have enough time :/

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