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No one knew about this! I didn't fucking know about this! this is so fucking bullshit. like yes, we can take this code and use it for nouveau. but there's now two fucking god damn drivers out there. and guess which one people are going to go with? it's not the mainline driver. that's for fucking sure.

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"Published the source code to a variant of the NVIDIA Linux kernel modules dual-licensed as MIT/GPLv2"


Not yet available it seems, but sounds like good news!

<daniels> some might say it’s out of scope. I say it’s a brave new era.

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Feels like people will attribute literally Anything to C sometimes lmao
"My dog didn't get fed today, this wouldn't be a problem if my dog wasn't written in C"

Fancy cross-network UI to create a new conversation in Goguma. It suggests users and channels as you type.

Goguma is now available in the official F-Droid repository!

Although I wouldn't recommend to use that version, it's a bit outdated.

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