Started a wiki page about VRR setups and issues w/ Sway:

If you happen to have a VRR screen, feel free to add an entry!

So, yeah, *&%*($ to silently ignoring errors, XCB.

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It turns out sending a closed FD via XCB doesn't fail. The other side (X.Org server) just receives a random FD number, which I think by chance referred to an unrelated FD which was opened.

But why was I sending a closed FD via XCB in the first place? It turns out sending a FD via XCB also closes it. So it worked fine the first time, and caused the bug the second time.

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This morning I spent a few hours tracking down a bug in wlroots' X11 backend. Importing a DMA-BUF via the X11 DRI3 extension failed, and I couldn't understand why.

Went from X.Org server core to Xwayland to GBM to Gallium to radeonsi to libdrm to the kernel. The FD seemed valid, since stat() didn't return an error, but drmPrimeFDToHandle failed.

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A few ways to make money in FOSS


Initial renderer v6 work merged in wlroots 🎉

Can't wait to be able to take advantage of that for libliftoff, explicit sync and all of the cool upcoming features!

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Join us for basu development:

- Doesn't require to think too hard
- Just delete large chunks code as long as it compiles
- The code you get to delete is terrible, so you'll sleep better afterwards
- Can be seen as payback for all of the bad code you've written during the day

Some doctors even recommend it!

Pretty cool that a SourceHut engineer can discuss with a Google engineer about the best way to fix an amdgpu bug

Heard on IRC

<airlied> cmake's reason for use mostly seems to be it works on Windows which seems to mean people use it when it's truly horrible

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weeb shit 

I don't know why, but sometimes I fall in love with a song on first listening. This just happened with:

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