The FCM integration is disgusting, but:

- At least it's encrypted…
- Pretty much required to end up with a consensus on the spec I'm afraid.

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I personally don't rely on push notifications too much, but I know the lack of push notification support for IRC is a huge deal for some, so I've… hm… made this.

Let's see how it goes.


Original Bourne shell implementation:

I'm sorry for ruining your evening.

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The wlroots scene-graph API is now merged \o/

This opens up a lot of opportunities, both to simplify compositors and to optimize wlroots.

@vyivel Hi! We're discussing about the wlroots surface state on IRC, would you mind joining the -devel channel?

(If desirable, I can provide an IRC bouncer account, if you don't have one.)

For those wondering -- yes, gamescope will be the compositor for the Steam Deck. Not that gamescope is limited to just that use-case, but it's cool to see it shipped by default like this. :)

Alright, I think I fixed all known wlroots 0.14.0 regressions. Some were pretty tricky. 0.14.1 coming soon!

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