Wew, I'm pretty excited about Frost Giant Studios

List of software using a similar config file format:

- i3/Sway
- Caddy
- kanshi
- tlstunnel

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Status update, October 2020



"let me summarize every wayland discussion on the internet: I'VE SEEN A WINDOW SYSTEM SO I KNOW HOW THEY SHOULD WORK PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEE:

-- Adam Jackson, sometime before 2013

Ah, and properties have a map of attributes, of course.

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CalDAV is especially effective, with its tree of vCard components each having a list of properties, with XML requests and replies on top, and the intrisic complexity of time-related stuff.

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WebDAV/CalDAV/CardDAV is the best way I found so far to get a fast headache

I've spent the whole day trying to draw a red rectangle with Vulkan from scratch. The result is:

- No red rectangle
- GPU reset followed by a lockup of the kernel driver

Now to go through the pile of 1851 emails waiting for me…

Please don't blame me if I miss yours, and feel free to ping me again.

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I'm back from Corsica! Was difficult but was worth it :P

Really hope AMD can gain support for DRM modifiers sometime soon. This would unlock cool stuff like non-broken Vulkan DMA-BUF import (be it by compositors or ffmpeg or anything else).

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