After almost 2 years of discussions, *finally* we managed to merge the new DMA-BUF Wayland extension 馃帀

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An IRCv3 spec round-up for 2020/2021.

Lots of new drafts, ratified specs, and interesting things bubbling away on the roadmap. Thanks to all the contributors and implementors!

If you're writing an IRC client, don't even try to send multiple WHO commands in parallel. Servers have rate-limiting for these anyways.

Don't waste time hoping for WHOX to solve the issue: at first it looks like it does, but in reality it doesn't. It allows to make the difference between WHOREPLY messages, but ENDOFWHO messages will still be mixed up.

Technically could have a more involved system where *some* WHO commands are allowed in parallel, but it's not worth it.

The goal is to end up with something similar to (which looks and feels nice, although not a fan of the icons usage) but without the JavaScript mess.

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The plan to migrate wlroots to is now in motion! We'll migrate next week.

The wlroots Vulkan renderer is now merged!

The motivation for this is:

- More optimization opportunities
- Allows compositors to use Vulkan if they want or need to

Note, this policy isn't against NVIDIA specifically, but against all proprietary drivers.

If it works, good for you. If it doesn't work, you're on your own. (We still accept patches, if they're not workarounds.)

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We're routinely sending patches to upstream and downstream projects like the kernel drivers, Mesa, GTK, Firefox, etc. This is only possible because they're open-source software.

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I want to re-iterate that just because NVIDIA supports GBM doesn't mean wlroots will officially support NVIDIA.

I welcome NVIDIA's move of implementing the standard APIs, it's a nice step forward. However, it's still closed source. That means not only developers are forced to install closed source software on their machine, but also that they work with a black box.

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