Can the set of all things that are chuegy, itself, be chuegy?

πŸ€” 🚿

M'aiq has heard that the skeletons guarding tombs and crypts have no feelings. He imagines it makes them sad that people say this.

It is an irony not lost on M'aiq that successful thieves frequently end up merchants and successful merchants are almost always thieves.

*looks under pile of papers*

*checks behind keyboard*

*squints into empty coffee cup*

... where is that motivation?

These eyes have seen a lot of loves
but they're never gonna see text on a 13" 1920x1080 display that's all the way across the desk 🎢

@craigmaloney Shhh, don't tell anyone, but this also helps converting D&D content to Fate. 😁

@craigmaloney Thanks!

I'm actually pretty familiar with Fate. I'm just trying to help my players (very not-crunchy) with understanding the relative difficulty of actions.

"Superb" is not as good a description of difficulty, in English for English speakers, as "Very Hard". This mapping gives me an objective tool for helping my players.

Fate descriptors are nice for talking about how skilled a character is, but not super helpful for talking about how difficult an action is. To help with this, I mapped D&D Difficulty Classes onto the Fate ladder.

The placement of "Very Hard" and "Nearly Impossible" is arbitrary, because any success at all depends on the modifier. That's also why there are no probabilities shown for greater than +4 for dF or 20 for d20.

I'm working up a martial artist NPC, and last night I came up with a couple of stunts I think are pretty cool.

Measure of Character: When engaged in hand-to-hand combat use Fight instead of Empathy to discern opponents' aspects.

Playing with Them: When engaged in hand-to-hand combat use Fight in place of Provoke to Create Advantages based on opponents' mental state, such as "enraged", "frustrated", or "hesitant".

selfie, ec 

My coworker does not respect my personal space.

If one particular person had been wearing looser shorts, we wouldn't have the phrase "hot as balls."


@emdeesee (And I find it when I go to heat a different cup of coffee in the microwave.)

I don't always misplace my cup of coffee, but when I do, it's in the microwave.

how not to old 

@generika "The competition is so fierce because the stakes are so low."

I'd include a selfie, but I look frighteningly like my father, and that's upsetting. πŸ˜†

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