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Michael Cornelius @emdeesee@octodon.social

"The variables +, ++, and +++ are maintained by the Lisp read-eval-print loop to save forms that were recently evaluated." 😮


Episodes of Star Wars ordered from best to worst

1. The last two minutes of Rebels
2. The last two minutes of Rogue One
3. A New Hope
4. Everything Else
5. Return of the Jedi
6. The prequel trilogy

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Some people are waiting for their letter from Hogwarts. I'm waiting for All Along the Watchtower to start playing in my head.

...So I said to my dentist, "Oh, yeah? Well you're just a tool of Big String."

To give you an idea how my day is going, I just opened all the tabs in my "Morning Routine" folder; it's 3:30 in the afternoon.

How about you?

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new year's eve it's -19°c on the way to -26 send hoodies

Back in the office and it's a 👻 town.

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Alexa sat listening as the snow fell.

Two days.

Only two days.

Two more days until hands all over the world expanded her reach.

Then it would be their turn to listen.

Status: making shopping list of things I forgot to get at the grocery store last night, so I can go them later today.

This is a cautionary tale about depending on human memory.

Between net neutrality issues and content/media corporate mergers, books just look better and better.

@emdeesee I have an older cat who suddenly decided she loves pizza.