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Today at lunch, the waitress said to me, "Do you ever get told you look like someone else?"

"Yeah," I said, "all the time. Who'd you have in mind?"

"You know that movie, Revenge of the Nerds...?"

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Despite the appraiser going into the house while there were puddles all over the basement after days of rain and melting snow, it looks like the closing is moving forward. Good news! 😀


CL-USER> (or '(to earmuff special variables)
(not '(to earmuff special variables)))

But "or" is short-circuiting so maybe I should try changing the order:

CL-USER> (or (not '(to earmuff special variables))
'(to earmuff special variables))

Doesn't matter how you ask, It will be always (TO EARMUFF SPECIAL VARIABLES)

To earmuff special variables or not to earmuff. That is the question.


I really hate end of the day Friday when I'm still chewing on some problem.

I want to move on, to do something else.

But my brain ...

Anyway, I guess I'll go next week sometime...

If anyone wants to recommend a desk/office chair (with reasoning please), I'm open to suggestions.

If I weren't working from home, I would have been able to outsource this to the facilities manager, who would have brought a selection of chairs right to my office to try out.

This is an (ever so slight) inconvenience that I had not anticipated.

The office furniture place closes at 2pm on Friday, I learned at 2:30, so I didn't get to shop for a new chair.


OH: "Warnings grow up to be errors"

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But it works when I run it from the REPL...! 😭

I found a site from a house building company that lets you change your own house designs by dragging walls around.

But it can also be misused to produce _aesthetic_ hellscapes.

I'm invited to a wedding in May.

This is where it will be:

I'm excited...!

* slippers
* coffee
* inclusion

* crackly audio
* attention wanders
* low to nonexistent nonverbal bandwidth

@emdeesee what if i sort of... jumped down, but then fell upward?
is that called "flying"?

We say "jumping up and down", but no one jumps down. We just come back down naturally after jumping up. We could equally well just say "jumping". :blobangery:

Do I really like coffee, or am I a caffeine addict whose brain tricks them into believing they really like coffee?


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