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@seanl @Canageek Parental leave is important, but it doesn't preclude a culture that values sustainable pace.

My kids are way past the parental leave era; that doesn't mean I can safely ignore them. When they're grown, I won't sacrifice my life with my spouse for work hours either.

It's better to pay everyone enough to live (plus, it supports the local economy!) and make sure you never ask so much of them that they need to depend on you as an employer for more than the cash they owe you for your work.

what developing software with mutable shared state feels like

Training video I just watched (for work): "...And you can keep all your personal stuff right in here next to your work stuff. Isn't that convenient??"

Being invested in good software engineering practices while being linguistically descriptivist is an interesting tightrope to walk.

There's really a lot to unpack here. Every time I look I find something new.

One of the podcasts I listen to told me that 63% of Americans can't come up with $400 so that's good I guess?

@emdeesee And how exactly is that different from renting?

If you've always wanted to deal with the aftermath of half-assed decisions made decades ago by a perfect stranger, home ownership may be for you.

Animal defecation Show more

Guy from Spectrum just knocked on my door.

He said, "I'm from Spectrum. You're one of just a very few on <My> Street who isn't a Spectrum subscriber, and Spectrum has sent me to you to find out why that is."

Bad approach. Super creepy and off putting.

If "child" and "wild" did not rhyme, it's possible the 70s would not have happened at all. 🤔