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MichaelšŸ˜¼Cornelius @emdeesee

Any machine is a smoke machine if you operate it wrong enough.

@viciousviscosity Glad to hear it.

I'm headed to Texas this weekend, and I'm trying not to check-out early. šŸ˜¬

@viciousviscosity Hey. I hope your day goes better than your initial encounter with your feelings. šŸ™‚

@gcupc I'm really susceptible to configuration fiddling, so, at least at $DAYJOB, I try to stay away from my config files unless there's a functional change I need...

Them: "What did you do yesterday?"

Me: "Well, I tried to find the combination of color and glyph for modified lines in git-gutter+ that gave me the greatest sense of personal fulfillment."

@gcupc Mine's relatively boring. Emacs is full-screen, opaque, with a white background.

I used to use a dark background, but then I read somewhere that light/white backgrounds help aging eyes focus better by pupils to constrict. Seems to have been an improvement.

Oh, and at $DAYJOB, the code in the emacs frames is mostly C++ with CL when I can sneak it in.

Every time I run tests and the board is green, I really want to start the jump clock.

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Trying to decide what balance to strike between concepts and recipes when working with intermediate git users to improve their collaboration... šŸ¤”

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Thanks to this morning's "Ask Amy" column, B-52's radio is streaming. However, I am not dancing in my office.