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MichaelšŸ˜¼Cornelius @emdeesee

Spent time trying to set up a Ruby dev environment on Windows 7 the other day. That was the most unfun.

I think I'm just spoiled by Linux...

Remember, if you shoot for the Moon and miss, you orbit for centuries in blackest vacuum as a terrifying haunted ghost spaceship before plunging to atomic doom in a cosmic fireball

That's... actually rather metal, isn't it.

You shouldn't be tailgating me when I'm doing 55 in a 35 Show more

Good morning, redux Show more

I've succumbed to SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET again! What's wrong with me?

I think the day left me predisposed to be fighty. Maybe I should pack it in...

@SuzanEraslan Some might make exceptions for iced coffee, but I couldn't possibly comment.

coconut coffee: no
coconut beer: NO
coconut pie: ok

@stylus Recognizers? Because those aren't lame.