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Today at lunch, the waitress said to me, "Do you ever get told you look like someone else?"

"Yeah," I said, "all the time. Who'd you have in mind?"

"You know that movie, Revenge of the Nerds...?"

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Oscars Hot Take 

First "Tron" toot in a while 

Mandalorian theory 

"Come no closer" said the ghost, so M'aiq did not. But she kept saying it, wherever he went.

90% of "being the expert" is reading the error messages, and doing what they say.

One of the kittens, Trixie, loves to play fetch, and it's very cute, except when I'm at my desk, trying to get work done.

No, that's a lie; it's still super cute.


File a bug report against Bugzilla in Bugzilla's Bugzilla, with a patch attached.

I started brushing up on Japanese because I might be going back in 202...3. 😬

That should be enough time.

The best thing about this cold is all the bass notes I can hit that I can't when healthy.

doo doo doo doo dooooooo

😭 😷

Two trips in two weeks is a lot of trips in not very many weeks. I think I've finally recovered.

I probably should have been more careful with my weekend time, instead of spending Saturday on errands. It would have been better to spread them out more.


STAR WARS is a crapsack universe.

Change my mind.

This is a shout out to anyone who has not studied computer science or has not heard of De Morgan's Laws.

Who has two thumbs and resolved an eleventh hour show-stopper through net deletion of 80 lines of code?

👍 👍

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