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Today at lunch, the waitress said to me, "Do you ever get told you look like someone else?"

"Yeah," I said, "all the time. Who'd you have in mind?"

"You know that movie, Revenge of the Nerds...?"

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Haskell Update

I've started working on a poker hand recognizer. Pretty quickly, I ran into the need for a random poker hand generator, so now I'm armpit deep in monads.

Food mention 

I ate dessert first, but only because it took a while to make the grilled cheese...

I just came off a week's "vacation".

It was ... okay. Mostly we stayed around the house and read books, etc. It felt a little like summer vacation when I was a nerdy middle schooler.

It is hot as balls, and the outside was not enticing.

I deliberately avoided any contact with work, which I think might have been a bit frustrating for my colleagues, but 🤷

I'm back and work now, and trying to re-engage with the outside world, which I've been trying to pretend doesn't exist for a while.

@emdeesee True story: years ago, when I tried to learn Haskell, I gave up after a couple of functions of my first test project (a sudoku solver) because I couldn't figure out how to make it compile, due to incompatibilities between some number types (I only used integers BTW) 🤷🏼‍♂️

Holy crap, Haskell makes me feel dumb.

...A relatively straightforward, recursively-defined arithmetic function.

Common Lisp? I hammered it out (in a functional style) and debugged it in about 2 minutes.

Haskell? "You can't multiply an integer by a float, idiot."

A major meeting was cancelled this afternoon, and three more sprouted in its place.

They're like hydras, I swear.

In "Array languages for Clojurians," Dave Liepmann looks at APL and its descendants - reimplementing details along the way. The historical context enriches the read and puts the concepts within reach of mere mortals such as myself. #clojure #lisp #apl

M'aiq once heard a Clan Mother speak of lost mittens. Keep looking, says M'aiq. Mittens will turn up eventually. And pie will fortify those who search.

Me? Oh, I'm just nerfing the Destruction school. What's up with you?

When I was younger, I looked forward to storms, because they seemed to wash allergens out of the air, bringing a day or two of relief.

Lately, I can tell when storm's a-comin' because my allergies act up, and continue to be bothersome until the rains pass and things dry out some.

I suppose this is because the weather is bringing allergens at higher altitudes closer to ground level ...?

Anyway -- what's up with that? 🤧

covid-19, food, US 

It sounds like we're about to enter a period of meat shortage.

What do you suppose are the odds that everyone decides they need to barbecue now?

OH: Lisp is like coffee. Everyone want to put sugar in it. 😆

Vocabulary words from last week's gaming session:


I came into my office this morning to discover that my inbox was still empty.

This must be some kind of omen.

Who sells seashells? She sells? By the seashore?

Why would anyone by the seashore buy seashells?

M'aiq would just walk down to the beach and pick them up.

"Time is a bourgeois social construct."

"You're just saying that because you can't find your pants."

"Pants are also a bourgeois social construct."

Playing a heavily armored Orsimer with a warhammer has taught me that Skyrim is not a game about running backwards.

Mûlukh rushes in!

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