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MichaelšŸ˜¼Cornelius @emdeesee

Defenders, spoilers Show more

Defenders, spoilers Show more

The moon goddess devoured the sun god, and all I got were these lousy paper cuts on my nose.

šŸŒ“ šŸŒ ā˜€ <ā€” lunar eclipse
šŸŒŽ šŸŒ“ ā˜€ <ā€” solar clipse
šŸŒ ā˜€ šŸŒ— <ā€” apocalypse

Good morning, starshine.

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@kensanata @jason I have a philosophical preference for a de-centralized, non-corporate internet, and kept the dream alive for a while with my little mail server. I built it when DIY was the only way to get email at your own domain, using cast off equipment from the office.

@gcupc When life gives you white grocery store bread, turn it into French Toast at the very least, for chrissakes.


1) Mastodon makes deliberate UX decisions to avoid preying on users' vulnerability to design features that trigger addictive behaviors

2) The only reliable way to get users to fill your service with compelling content for free may be to prey on their vulnerability to design features that trigger addictive behaviors


@killerdicke Thanks! Free software would be a definite plus, if it can meet the other requirements.

@jason ...but, if I'm honest, the anxiety stems from the reality that I'd rather spend my time doing something other than administering a mail server these days.

@jason I started at a time when it wasn't as intimidating as it seems now, and it's now mostly a source of anxiety.

I'm evaluating project management software. So far requirements include:

* collaborative
* multi-platform
* integrated time tracking

Preferences include:

* multi-level task hierarchy (ability to decompose tasks more deeply task and subtask)
* applicability to many disciplines (e.g. software development and marketing)
* self-hosted
* bugzilla and/or git integration

Opinions? Recommendations? Particular likes or dislikes?

Reading the chapter in "Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks" about and realizing that learning was not only a good thing but is like learning the master key to understanding the universe.

I thought the platitudes about learning Lisp were just hyperbole, but it seriously contains a lot of computer science mindshare.