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MichaelšŸ˜¼Cornelius @emdeesee@octodon.social

Good morning from transit (not pictured).

@ben_c *I* think it's super important to realize that we aren't trying to kill twitter. We're trying to have a social media platform that doesn't suck. šŸ‘¼

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if you are bothered by the state of IT infrastructure

whatever you do

for the love of all that is holy

don't every do any home renovation

you will be swearing all day

asking yourself what the builder was on

all the while creating your own code violations

Getting ready for a trip and designing coding katas, so today is starting out pretty nicely.

Complaining about type systems and using C++ in your argument is like saying coffee is bad because you don't like what they serve at Dunkin' Donuts.

We can do better than this, please.

my wife told me that Pearl of "Diamond and Pearl" is Jenny Calendar, and I will never be able to watch Prince videos the same way again

We're undertaking a pretty massive change effort at $DAY_JOB. In a naked attempt to grab the reins, I volunteered to participate in 4 of the 6 committees, and I'm facilitating 3 of those.

I did not foresee this level of meeting fatigue...

Tell me more about what you love than what you hate.

Tell me more about what makes you feel safe than what makes you afraid.

Tell me what makes you sing and dance and wax poetic and bust a gut laughing.

The important things.

I will endeavor to do the same as often as I can.


Having a debate with my cat.

"No, treats are what you get when you come back inside for the night. You don't go out again after. You know this. We've had this discussion before."

Shorter days got Lorenzo like šŸ˜¾ octodon.social/media/eFJMlxyBU

Worked out after a week or so dry spell. Feeling tired and good.

I finished binge-ing Dark Matter last night, and I'm sad to learn it was cancelled after the third season. I thought it was really good.

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