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Michael Cornelius @emdeesee@octodon.social

Congratulations, Missouri, for making #7 on Fodor's No List, and for really sounding like a complete hell hole.


KNKL TATS, flashing, white board

Maaan, it's too early in the week for this level of cynicism.

"Library Extension" Helps You Find Books At Your Local Library While You Shop for Books Online bit.ly/2iFr3zQ t.co/yTqG9AqFjn

I was talking to a friend of mine about my current job hunt and complaining about it and all that and she just kind of laughed and said:

"That's always been your problem. You're so good at what you do, you think things will just happen if you give it some attention. It's just a job. Just keep applying to until you find something."

Ha, I was annoyed for a second, but she was right. I've always been privileged in how and who I work with, so I'm kind of entitled. And it is just a job.

So this happened last night:

1) I have a new tenant for the vacant unit in my duplex. He's a friend and colleague of the upstairs tenant, who is a friend of mine, so that's awesome.

2) Another friend with the right sort of ethical stance (neighborhood-oriented, rather than profit-driven) is interested in buying the duplex!

3) *Another* friend expressed interest in buying my house.

If all this gels, I will be able to complete my move to Texas within weeks!

It's so nice, I just suggested our daily stand-up should be a walking meeting. I wonder if everyone will go for it...

A song for the windows linker...

I'm older than I've ever been
and now I'm even older
and now I'm even older
and now I'm even older

I'm older than I've ever been
and now I'm even older
and now I'm older still

Today at lunch, the waitress said to me, "Do you ever get told you look like someone else?"

"Yeah," I said, "all the time. Who'd you have in mind?"

"You know that movie, Revenge of the Nerds...?"

The office has hundreds of thousands of dollars in computer equipment sitting in open cubes but the extra paper towels and tissue boxes are locked up.


"Journey of the Sorcerer" just came up on my playlist, and reminded me of my bucket list item to run a HHGG tabletop RPG.

😝 👍

But it's study time now.

study study study

Yeah, "the cobblers children have no shoes" totally applies here... 😶

Made it out to my favorite coffee shop for breakfast. I'm surprised how busy it is.

How's your weekend going?

1. All difficult problems in computer science can be reduced to DAGs.
2. GNU Make is pretty efficient at solving DAG problems.
3. Therefore, you should use GNU Make to solve all of your difficult problems in computer science.