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avatar and username procedural stuff 

fyi i changed my avatar to one of my banshee pics, from the old one i had up for a while where my face is lit entirely by awesome green light at a Sleater-Kinney concert.

and i changed my display name from just a repetition of my username to a different form of my irl name.

Happy Halloween! i know it can be confusing so hopefully folks still remember who i am

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OMG I forgot to share this on Halloween!

I recorded myself reading a spooky prose poem I wrote? The audio quality from my webcam is atrocious but there are subtitles and a transcript available:

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undirected free-form wonder, spiritual, defiance, transphobia mention 

I can't believe that something as beautiful as Orion exists. One of the most universally recognizable constellations, shining for all of human history by her polycule the Pleiades, and the other night right near the luminous moon. The incredible body of a goddess standing over us, her jeweled belt flashing, wearing her anklet and shoulder pin, her penis just hanging out there. The stars and the gods are so majestic.

This sounds like a shitpost but it was 1000% sincere and full of my wonder for the universe and life and the Goddess. If it sounds like a joke then that's because we've been trained by our colonialist culture to think women with penises are ridiculous.

Women like me are just disgusting jokes to straight cis transphobes, but we're not really. Or, if we are jokes, it's a joke we're telling that they're not clever or compassionate enough to ever get.

We are holy.

I live a life where I have Paula Cole's Mississippi playing in my mind almost constantly because there is a mourning dove living somewhere nearby and every time it calls it sounds exactly like the mourning dove in the opening of Paula Cole's Mississippi

Me, to my cat, who scream:
Otto, what unquiet devil prods ye so, that ye deliver its message to those in this world?

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Being transgender is natural and beautiful.

Women, nonbinary folks, men, however you do you.

Cis friends:

Say our names and pronouns with a smile on your face, because you get to know us. Do small acts often, to make our seat at the table comfortable and our ideas taken in.

We've always been here.

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While on a walk down the alley my roommate and I met a lady gardening and chatted about that, and she asked where we live, and when we told her she said OMG THE HOUSE WITH THE RAINBOW FLAG?? WE'RE THE OTHER RAINBOW FLAG!! (it is hard to tell which house is which from the back alley)

I've lived here for five years and have always wanted to meet the lesbians with the rainbow flag down our block of houses. I've actually thought of knocking and introducing myself (but not during the pandemic!)

I'm meeting my girlfriend for a date tonight in the shadow realm apparently

btw I have no idea where that chart is from, my friend Leah sent it to me, but if I had to guess I would say I am 100% certain it is from like r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns with text from a fan wiki or something

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I have in my life only ever had one opinion (one opinion only!) and it is that Plum Pudding from Strawberry Shortcake is a trans girl

Late last night after midnight I shut and locked the window next to my computer desk--which is unusual in this nice weather--because down in the yard somewhere near the water running in the drainage ditch I heard a repetitive scraping noise that I couldn't dissociate from the sound of someone dragging a corpse through the dry grass and I was afraid they were going to come drag me away during the night.

This might not be a realistic fear but it's where I'm at right now

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self-care tip 

If you're struggling with getting enough water:

1. Be sure the water level is high enough that your whiskers aren't hitting the edge of the bowl
2. Sometimes it helps to have flowing water: try turning a faucet on and just drinking straight from that

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it's kind of funny how the bechdel test got turned from 'here's a thought experiment to show how popular entertainment systematically erases women's agency' into 'if something passes this bar then it's Certified Girl Boss Yass Kween '

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nonbinary girl doesn't mean less girl than binary girl. in my case it's actually more. its like the ingredients on an energy drink. 400% girl. 1600% enby. 380mg gender fluid. boy is not listed as it is unregulated by the fda

He is risen! The Traveler has come! (religion, Gozer the Destructor, Mr. Stay-Puft) 

It is written in the scripture that He shall come in one of the pre-chosen forms. During the rectification of the Vuldronaii, the Traveler came as a large and moving TORB. Then, during the third reconciliation of the last of the Meketrex Supplicants, they chose a new form for Him: that of a giant SLOAR. Many SHUBS and ZUULS knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of a SLOAR that day, I can tell you!

my shoulders are too wide for me to ever be read as a woman or fit into otherwise correctly sized dresses, and yet, simultaneously, too narrow to support my purse strap for more than 15 seconds before it slides off. this is what we mean when we say that transmisogyny,

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next year can we have a Trans Day of Audibility where everyone *listens* to trans people

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trans day of being visible to each other and maybe also to questioning people, but everyone else is legally required to cast down their eyes in our presence

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yes I do need ten gigs of scans of 'tv/ts/drag queen' magazine scans from the 70s to the 90s on my phone at all times

can I tell you something? writing from a smartass trans perspective was not invented on twitter or livrejournal. the bar for entry was higher - you would have had to either be able to buy issues or subscribe - but modern trans discourse is so clearly descended from this stuff. which in turn is descended from trans culture from before printing became accessible

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seeking an artist to make a series of illustrations on (hopefully) an ongoing basis consisting of an anthro moose original character

boosts welcome!

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