Trauma trauma trauma trauma trauma traumeleon

Instead of dealing with my issues I'm late night wandering around listening to the pillows

You people talk about the sun as the "giver of life" but a LOT of planets have the SAME EXACT sun that we do and they're ALL SHIT. So there's something else going on here that makes things nice if I'm not mistaken

Long story short, try to use "Old English", "Early Medieval English", and "Medieval English" instead of "Anglo-Saxon"!

Thank you!

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when i say im a trans enby girl this is what i mean

Anyway when I was there last month I got Leslie Feinberg's Transgender Warriors

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Giovanni's Room in Philly is one of the oldest queer bookstores in the US. I always pass by it on the walk to my doctor, at an LGBTQ-focused clinic, and it's really important for me to stop there whenever I'm in the area.
I was closeted for so long that so much of the history of people like me, so much of my own history, feels hidden, like I have to seek it out and dig it up. I didn't get to know who I am. It feels like it was all stolen from me.

i love all the pokemon types. regular, spicy, wet, yellow, plant, cold, mockery of the human form, goop, dirt, bird, nightmare-eater, bug, dirt again, dead, things that have wings but don't fly for some reason, bastard, dirt a third time, and trans

"yasss slay queen" i hiss at you encouragingly, handing you a gun and a map of buckingham palace

"boyfriend shirt" is the pelt of the game animal "boyfriend"

"Are you a boy or a girl?"
"I'm Puck"
"No, I mean what's in your pants?"
"The very likeness of a roasted crab."

Totally scoffing at the ridiculous notion that the Puck has a gender

I saw my old high school boyfriend while I was visiting my parents last week (boyfriend shown below)

recommended cisgender holidays:

• Cisgender Day of Not Making This Entirely About Sex
• Cisgender Day of Not Making This Entirely About Gender Roles
• Cisgender Day of Not Making This Entirely About You
• Cisgender Day of Going With Your Trans Friend to the DMV
• Cisgender Day of Taking Your Trans Friend Shopping But Not As a Trans Thing Just As a Friend Thing And With Full Acceptance That This Might Mean Spending Time in the Plus Size or Kids Sections Because Clothes and Shoes Are Tricky
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partial list of trans holidays:

• Transgender Day of Remembrance
• Transgender Day of Visibility
• Transgender Day of Paperwork
• Transgender Day of Explaining This Shit To Your Parents, Again
• Transgender Day of Dealing With Medical Insurance (formerly part of TDoP but it got too big)
• Transgender Day of Seeing Another Trans Person at the Coffee Shop But They Don't Have Any Openly Trans Signifiers and What Are You Gonna Say To Them Anyway, Hi, I'm Trans Too, How's It Going
• Halloween

Absolutely thinking about leaning into my transsexual fairy witch destiny by offering my services as a fairy godmother who causes a huge scene when I arrive late to your baby's christening or whatever to cast a vaguely threatening but also hopeful prophecy over them, then I insult your guests, eat as much of the food as I can, and storm off.

Hit me up if you are having a baby and want this to happen.

I'm reading Leslie Feinberg's Transgender Warriors which I got this week at a queer bookstore in Philly and it is causing a lot of emotions to happen to me

The modern framing of free speech by the right is basically that pointing a gun at someone is good and well, but any action against the person holding the gun is oppression.

Baby boomers blithely chitchatting about the weather as if climate catastrophe weren't swirling all around us and they don't fucking know it perfectly well

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