I mean OBVIOUSLY I was going to start crying when Marin sings the Ballad of the Wind Fish at the Flying Rooster weather vane, that's a given.

Well the opening titles already made me cry?

I'm not sure I can articulate how much I loved the original Link's Awakening on the Game Boy as a kid

My work closed because of a water main break (????) So I stopped at Gamestop and went home to play Link's Awakening with Otto

(selfie, eye contact) Eek it's chilly this morning... slight frost... I was too cold and lazy to shave my legs, but I really should have because of the dress I was going to wear... wait... that means... 

Me: Hi I'd like to return this dress?
Them: Sure, is there anything wrong with it?
Me: Not... really? It turns out it doesn't really flatter my figure and I decided I don't like the sleeve length after a-- oh you mean are there like any rips or anything no it's fine

by the time i got the friggin' keyboard paired, the host device went back to sleep

The full moon the other night on Friday the 13th oooooooo spoooooky

Here's another one, brought to me by the good dudes of the Horror Vanguard podcast: David McNally's "Monsters of the Market: Zombies, Vampires, and Global Capitalism." Easy, clear reading. If you ever wondered how capitalism got going in England, for example, you could do a lot worse than to read the first chapter. #Capitalism #Neoliberalism #Folklore #Horror


First of all: here's Voloshinov on how the hegemonic ideology gets baked into language. Haven't read it yet but I hope he offers some solutions. #Marxism #Communism #linguistics #ideology

In "Staying With the Trouble: Making Kin in the Cthulhucene," Donna Haraway says (and repeats): "It matters what thoughts you think other thoughts with." She's referring to the way the hegemony entangles itself into all our thinking before we even utter a word.


Today's the 46th anniversary of the Chilean coup, and there are quite a few commemorative events around #Santiago. I'm staying home because of strep throat, but I found some fun communist stuff to read that is appropriate for the day. I'll link to it in a reply.

#Communism can't be brought about by parliamentary means, but #Allende and his comrades were good-hearted, courageous people and I would have been proud to have voted for them.

I got the old fan out but it looks like a previous owner had glued it in. I was able to break it free easily enough, though.

Government funded scheme to get horse blinders for cis straight men who don't like seeing things that aren't made for them.

If there's one thing reading forum discussions of stories, films, and games teaches me again and again and again it's that straight cis white men have absolutely no business interpreting media of any kind and at any level

Last night I dreamed I was watching a live action Moomin movie starring David Boreanaz as Moomintroll so no I don't think I'm okay thank you

I just picked up a copy of Counting Crows' August And Everything After and said "isn't this also the title of a Counting Crows album" so I think i'm just going to go home and go to sleep

Worf: it is tradition to drink pumpkin spice at the turn of the season
Jadzia: I think it's great that Worf is enjoying non-klingon things
O'Brien: but it's not even fall yet!
Sisko: maybe a little pumpkin spice is just what this station needs
Kira: what the hell is a pumpkin

Funny how many so-called "Centrists" or "apolitical" people complain about how a leftist or antifa being mean to them online pushed them all the way to the right, but no one ever talk about how all the murders and shootings and terrorism from white supremacists and other Fascists pushed them even slightly to the left. It's almost as if they're just right-wingers looking for thin excuses to justify their bullshit, or something!

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