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Want to move away from facebook/twitter without losing contact? Check out mastodon crossposter:

Call me crazy, but I think it's possible to run white supremacists out of town without giving the state more power to censor speech.

Oooooh. They're adding the fee on top of the pledge.

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I don't even understand what did. Email said creators get exactly 95% of pledge but also that there is a 2.9% + 0.35 service fee. That is now how you math.

Humor is always about creating in/out groups. Some say not puns. But, when you make a pun, you are the out group.

Testing mastodon -> twitter -> facebook crosposting

Adventures in sweater repair: have given up on re-weaving original stitch because it's just too fine. Now trying to weave stockinette with one stitch for every two original.

Still waiting to hear back on my application to CC @mayel

This Dec 5 talk by @Florini on how people create online enclaves for conversation away from harassment may be of interest to people on Mastodon:

Is there a way to boost a toot when I'm viewing it as a thread or on someone else's timeline?

Tired: having to constantly fight for net neutrality from corporate giants

Wired: making your own community owned internet they have no part of.

#solarpunk #netnutrality

is NOT DEAD YET. Congress has stopped FCC votes before. Do NOT give up!

1) BOOST this to help spread the word that we can still stop this.

2) CALL your lawmakers:

3) PROTEST at Verizon stores on Dec 7:


Thanks to for 23 calls to representatives to support strong Title II protections for Net Neutrality!

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