Never has their been a better time for my phone to die. Well I guess my phone has to last until pinephone is released.

Time for green tea (despite the hot weather).

I can choose between:
Just watched #Babylon5 s03ep17. Crazy plot twist! I'm really blown away.

Fediverse software you like the most:

"A 5G base station is generally expected to consume roughly three times as much power as a 4G base station. And more 5G base stations are needed to cover the same area."

:blobcatsip: *sip*

Oh, and this will also impact the cellphone's battery. And possibly weather satellites.

:blobcatsip: *sipping intensifies*

man those star trek people really know what the fan wants to see: a show with a few characters from one of the shows i watched as a kid, written by the same guys who write the current trash that i don't care about. Genius!

Today may be the hottest day Europe has ever recorded 🔥 Please stay safe!

💚 Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated
💚 Shower in cool water when needed and/or wash your hands and face
💚 The UV index is high. If you go outside, try to wear a sun hat and keep to the shade
💚 Avoid unnecessary strenuous activity
💚 Carry a fan if you have one, and don't be afraid to use it
💚 Hide inside supermarkets or shopping malls if you need to. Especially if they have fridges you can stand next to awhile.

#SuperTux (2) is a fun #platformer.

In SuperTux you control #Tux who must traverse the frozen lands to save Penny. Through this journey Tux will encounter many enemies and obstacles which must be dodged or attacked. Various powerups exist, as well as coins which both increase your score and give you a second chance if you fail a level.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: supertux

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations #game #Mario

The sign reads:

“This #cat suddenly came to our store early this morning. We led it far away from here but it has returned. We tried to lure it with pet food but it will not move. Today is the anniversary of the death of our store’s manager so we’ve decided to see this situation as a special day. Please forgive us for the hindrance.”

People online were immediately intrigued by the mysterious situation, leaving comments like:

"Welcome home, store manager.”

God looks like I have to stop using Google maps app now. Keeps you logged into your Google account. Guess I have to start using it via browser.

Sim City 4 is still my favorite SimCity. I had the most fun with that one.

Just give me back the blood effects.
Call me a "bloodhound" for this, but would've been even better if it sliced those Girros in half as it fought. I can understand why it doesn't in the cutscene, so it isn't a big deal.

Somebody modify Wine to display a huge Windows Update screen instead of the small prepearing your prefix popup

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